• So i started a game of global today, using LH 1942 setup.

    The first thing i noticed (to my great annoyance), was the placement of 2 German subs in sz107. These 2 subs represent the entire German presence in the Atlantic at the start of the game. Yet USA can attack them turn 1 with up to a destroyer, fighter and 2 strat bmbers. Pretty much auto death for the German subs lol.

    Mindless. What is even the point of having them there at all lol, there isnt even a thought process for the USA player and the only risk is losing the destroyer 1 out of 3 times after sinking both subs.

    I will be house ruling one of the German subs in 107 to 108. (edit: 103 is better as 108 is within 2 spaces of the UK BB and TN)

    One more thing, there are not enough German tanks OOB for the setup (need one more)
    Not a problem for me i just go to my bottomless stash of extra units, but for others this could be a nuisance…

    Thoughts from anyone else? I cant be the only one…

  • Well, if the bombers are committed elsewhere(dealing with the japanese), those subs do have a chance at making it out of there if they hit the destroyer.  The US is virtually forced to kill the subs and not do other things I guess.

  • well the fighter and 1 strat on E US dont have a whole lot else to do lol, whether or not to send the 2nd strat (from W US) is the only thinking required
    its a 63-67% chance of sinking both subs AND not lose the DD, around 1/6 chance that one sub survives

    like i said, mindless, pointless…

    SZ 103 however is better than 108…editing OP

  • Or just get rid of the subs…

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