Flying aircraft through the Bosporous

  • Can aircraft units of any side pass through the Bosporus (Turkish Straits) to move from ZS 99 to SZ 100 and vice versa?

    I find the rules a bit confusing.
    It is clear that no ships of either side may pass unless Turkey has been aligned, but the rules state that “the movement of aircraft units is completely unaffected by canals and straits, whether they are moving over land or sea. They can pass [over a canal] regardless of which side controls it”.

    But I wonder if this rule applies to the Bosporus, since Turkey is neutral and thus not on any side. I can see why some1 would argue that flying through the bosporus is the same as flying over neutral Turkey, whis is NOT allowed.

  • Yes, you can fly over that straight. It is a tad confusing, but it is allowed.

  • Just ran into this last game. You are allowed to do that.

  • Thanks guys, this means German aircraft can stay in the med 1 more turn 😉

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