Cold War?

  • I am playing a game of A&A Europe, perhaps with slight variants. Anyway, I was playing Germany, I ended up with a huge fleet and invaded Canada (no I wasn’t planning on it). Russia directly after this attacks and takes Germany. I take the US, with four tanks, one bomber, and one fighter. The Soviets for all intents and purposes controls everything East of England. Soviet income is roughly fifty. Great British income is twenty-five. I have one transport off the coast of morocco (no units). There are two russian tanks in morroco, and large forces in Germany as well as token forces in Finland and that other country by it. Russia itself is almost completely depopulated, Russians have one Battleship, one Destroyer, and one transport near them. (Transport sitting above finland). To make matters worse, there is a huge American fleet still running. 5-6 Destroyers, Four Battleships, Four Subs, and one AC. No transports, no fighters. GB has two transports that are going to hit my beaches next turn. I have 85 IPC’s after capturing America, with an income of 33 IPC’s per turn. Changes have been made,

    1. Because Allies don’t control all capitals they don’t win. Just as I would not win because Russia controls Germany.

    2. We have ruled that should Germany capture the American convoys they will get the IPC’s because they control America.

    Nonetheless, I have 85 IPC’s. What do I buy in order to create a board position which I can win from?

  • Um, I don’t think you can build nor collect income.

    You have to go get your capital back.

    Otherwise… just began to stack up an invasion force.

  • You should not have any money, because as soon as your capital is taken, the team taking it gets all of your money. If you captured America after the Soviets took Germany, then you would be able to keep the money you got when you took America.

  • That is precisely what happened, I took America after Germany was taken, though immediately after. We ruled that I could continue to collect income.

  • wow. just like in real life : the Russian took half of Europe and the nazis moved to the other side of the atlantic … quite ironic.

  • Maybe the official rules state that you can’t collect income or build until you get your capital back, but I think you should be able to, as a house rule. Think of it as a force away from home receiving word that their capital was taken, so they decide to invade another capital and succeed, then proceed to establish martial law. Then the Nazis would spend time fortifying the US, and building a force capable of striking back at Russia, and hopefully retaking Berlin. (This is, by the way, a real-world equivalent of how it might go. Ultimately, the decision is up to you and the other players.)

  • Yeah all the nazis moved to this side of the Atlantic.It figures a Can would say that.

  • yea, they all went to mexico….

  • Wouldn’t it make sense to just get Japan to invade from the east, and you could take England or something?

  • I’m with Orange on this one. You should be able to build in America, despite what the rules say, as it’s more accurate to real life (disregarding the fact that Germany could never take the US, that is… :P).

  • Actually, I’ve never played A&AE before, but I still stand by what I’ve said:  In A&AR, I would say the say the same thing.  😉

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