Some advices for Willy, Franz and Mehmed please!!

  • I have this game since its release date and played it very very often against friends, colleagues and even solitaire. Love It!!

    In our games it never ended with a victory of the Central Powers, never - the closest game was remis.

    I tried everything, really everything (all to the west, splitting units up, all to the east, massive building of see units, invading Holland, Denmark)

    Same results with the 2-tt movement/ Tournement Rules.

    I dont even have the feeling I got bad luck on dices with them. I´m even thinking about giving GE more Artillery from the Start.

    Would be very nice if someone who was witness of the capturing of Paris could give me some advices!

    Only two things we House Rule in our games shouldn`t be part of suggestions:

    Switzerland with 1 IPC is a No-Go.
    AH is not allowed to attack Italy Round 1.

  • Removing a France battleship and transport from the mediterranean and replacing it by a cruiser, and limiting the Indian production capacity to 5 helps a lot in balacing the game.

  • According to the tt-Rules you mean France should have 2 cruisers and 1 Transport from start ?

  • Yes, that will seriously weaken the allied fleet.

    Also by introducing a maximum of 5 units per turn to be produced in India, the UK will have a hard time to focus on one front. If they chose not to produce anything the first few turns in India they will be overran by the Ottomans and lose their African assets as well. And the ipc they invest in the east cannot be spend in the west, so beating Germany even on Sea is much harder now. The strengtht of the UK was also to throw in 10 units in India at any time they desired, that advantage is gone as well.

  • Since the PTR the Centrals have won about 50% of our games, and we also have an impassable Switzerland. We don’t have the Italy rule however.

    My strategy as Centrals is going after Italy from the start with as much as possible. But considering you dont do that, I have to tell you about my friends strats.

    One of my friends buys quite a lot of ships. There are certain advantages, but I wouldnt do it too much. I tend to buy a sub with GE and AH every turn. That way every ally has to consider those subs. They are never really free to move whatever whereever without expensive escorts. And sometimes you can attack a small groups of ships which messes their plans of follow-ups, etc.

    Another thing I do is keeping forces occupied by sending their unit count plus one to it. Just so you are sure that those, for example, four units in a Russian province are pinned down and the territory contested. This I do with just inf, which makes it quite expensive, as they don’t do much harm themselves, but this way you cut their supply lines and get one step closer to an economic collapse.

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