• Hi all,

    AA50 came off the shelf this weekend. Being Japan, in the past I’ve taken an aggressive approach to China, Russia and the Indian Ocean. This time I played:

    Purchase 2DD

    3fig z57 - z53
    1fig z57, 1inf jpn 1inf iwo via z62 trn - z57, mid
    1inf car via z51 trn - z46, sol
    2fig z61 - z50
    1inf 1art via z61 trn, 2inf car via z51 trn - z50, phi
    1bb 1cru 2inf via trn z61 - z52, wak

    Asia - less committed
    2inf kia, 1fig man - fuk
    2inf fic, 1fig for - kwa

    Hold 1ftr jpn for non-combat support to pacific fleet.

    Depending on Pacific FTR losses, noncombat
    1dd z51 - z57
    1cv z61 - z52
    all surviving ftr in Pacific land on carriers, including 1ftr jpn so 3 in z57 and hopefully more than 1 in z52
    if naval FTR loss is heavy (3 or more), consolidate fleet on z52

    This removes 2 NO for the USA straight away, and there’s a good chance 3 ftrs are not lost, which allow 2 fleets to protect WUS threatening trn at z57 and z52.

    PRO - USA must consider unfavorable counterattack or a pacific fleet build and/or WUS land defense; little or no KGF commitment.

    CONS - UK ships are untouched, minimal damage to China, end turn @21 + 5 = 26ipc

    I’m curious what experts have to say about the UK/USA first round response? Does this increase probability of an IC in India? If so, does it not limit KGF for both UK and USA?

  • If the CA and BB are going to be in SZ52, why not take wake island with the big guns and 2 inf(car and oki) while protecting the Japanese transport?

    However, the bigger issue is the lack of income change for Japan and UK on turn one. Japan can very easily take $8 for themselves while also removing $8 from UK (Germany’s biggest threat in 1941 as the go right after Germany and already begin with $43!)

    There are many ways to keep USA honest on J1, but it is only a small delay for a great delay in Japan getting back door pressure on Russia.  Generally, as USA, I would love if Japan took the fight to me, it’s easier to defend and I don’t have to go far to get into the war.  In 1941, USA is usually not that involved in the war that quickly

  • Yes, the fighter on WAK is overkill. It’s imperative to use all fleet and as much aircraft to pose a legitimate threat to USA round 2. Early production in WUS buys at least a turn for France - which is infinitely more valuable than Italy.

    As this game played out, Japan took AUS and IND, Germany never won Russia, but it didn’t have to. Which is another subject entirely. I recall stopping myself, thinking what’s the point in taking Russia when it can’t really do anything? I turned to UK and though I lost Italy, the allies never got into FRA! We called it a day after seven rounds and the allies just looking for holes. It was awesome!

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