Nation Pure etiquette format for regular play and tourny's (like a bid system)

  • This is inspired by seeing how the online nationals work

    There is 3 tiers of nations

    Usn/ijn {Top tier}


    Italy/france/russia {Bottom tier}

    (If someone plays a minor ex Dutch or whatever force it ranks below the bottom tier)

    The player with the weaker nation/tier gets to choose the match conditions (example a year limit, whether it’s night or day etc).

    Matches played on equal tiers are open year regular matches (unless you have a mutually agreeable match format or want to use this situation to play out a tournament theme you had predetermined beforehand)

    In tournaments you would have to build some fleets on the go but that’s only 10mins and you could implement a game turn limit to compensate. That way you could play more of a variety of things and it balances the nations.

    If conducting this as a tournament format the variety of match types skews the points results therefore while points are used to determine a win they aren’t tracked overall for the tournament.

    Wins are the deciding factor with a new twist for tiebreakers; the nations you defeated are worth points , top tier is worth 3 pts each, middle tier is 2 pts each and bottom tier is worth 1 point each.  ( If someone is crazy enough to play a minor nation pure they are worth 0 pts in this tiebreaker format).

    This adds alot of strategy to the nation you pick with it not being a no brainer to select the best and allows you to play a variety of match types on the same level.

    We actually played a tournament using this format
    it was pretty good the only thing is its very time intensive if you have players who aren’t hardcore was players with the builds.

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