• Hi all,

    I wanted to generate some comments about a game I’ve been playing with TMTM to help me learn about the differences between Revised and 2nd edition.

    This is the map after 4 rounds. You’ll see that both sides have something going for them. My question is, is there an apparent edge? Does one side have a clear advantage or is the outcome no longer in doubt?


    Later I’ll tell you what happened, but I’m curious, being an experience 2nd edition guy I don’t necessarily see the nuances involved in AAR. I’m the Allies, is/was my cause hopeless?

  • I forgot to mention, we’re playing on the ADS server.

  • Hey Ydavid, I got a page that told me “access denied”. Sorry dude, I can’t view it to tell.

  • hmm, I’ve seen people post maps before. Wonder what the problem is?

  • I’m guessing the Allies win here. Moscow might fall to the Japanese, but Germany is in serious trouble.

    What happened?

  • I’m going allies…I think axis made a big mistake by wasting so many ipc’s on industrial complexes…the Russians don’t really need Caucasus so they can pull all those troops back to Russia…if Germany gets taken over, it won’t be able to use the industrial complex to build units anyway…so I think if the allies play smart they can win this…but it depends on whose turn it is…

  • I’d say the Allies have an advantage here, but I’m not prepared to call it for either player, knowing TMTM’s ability from personal experience :P.

  • Hey Ydavid, I got a page that told me “access denied”. Sorry dude, I can’t view it to tell.

    I think you just have to be a registered user at Flames of Europe.

    I’d like to leave this up a bit longer before telling you all what happened.

  • I cheated and checked the logs at FoE 😛

  • After checking the logs, I think if you had kept playing, both Berlin and Moscow would have fallen in Round 6. So the game could have gone on for a long time, but the Allies would have Europe, I think. I haven’t played a long, protected game of AAR yet, but Japan would eventually have to fall as the Allies eventually take back Moscow.

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