American support, what do you like to do

  • What do you like to accomplish when you are the US, or if you are Russia, what do you like to see the US mobilize?

    I intentionally left out the option for troops to Africa. That’s usually a given, but the rest is almost always going to be different for each player.

  • personally i like to ffight with usa on two fronts

    but it s much more interesting agaisnt japan especialyy wih optional rules

  • @Amon-Sul:

    personally i like to ffight with usa on two fronts

    but it s much more interesting agaisnt japan especialyy wih optional rules

    I agree, but usually one front is more important than the other for me, and it may be a different one each game. Thanks for your input Amon-Sul. 🙂

  • Well the vast majority of the time when playing Allies I (we) persue a Germany First policy and so the USA spends most of its energy/ resources sending troops to Africa/ Europe (along with the occasional fighter and bomber). In almost every game I play the person who is playing Japan is busy going into mainland Asia and there isn’t any threat at all to the West USA or the seas thereabout. Thus the troops go via the Atlantic.

    It is difficult, although not impossible, to win as the Allies if you do not at least throw a modest amount of US troops against Germany because by G2 or G3 the Russian front will begin to feel the weight of Panzers and the UK will begin to feel the deprevation of African IPCs (plus besides which the Japanese are usually making good ground in Asia by now).

  • no problem othyem, if i get it right kyrial

    you say that its hard for russia and uk if usa dont helps all the time

    i think that the 2 starting transports should attack africa
    and its enough for the russian
    he just has to attack german
    afcorse this is if german doesnt buy planty of sea units in his first round

    that changes the situation than

    i personally spend my starting 40 ipc on sea units

    subamrines are great when playing optional rules and one air carrier is needed for german
    one more transport is also good choise

  • Amon-Sul while I do respect your decision to go all navy for Germany on G1 (I personally don’t but everyone has a different gaming strat) I think that Russia can be in trouble if there isn’t a lot of pressure put on Germany unless Japan’s player is new or just not very good. I think in most games Russia has to fight a delaying war in order to keep itself alive until the USA/ UK can bring about some forces to help it.

    Personally I’ve never played a game where Russia gets taken out and the Allies win.

    But we did have the discussion on another thread about how on G1 going AC and trannies can threaten a Sea-Lion and that keeps Britain from developing a navy or even going IC in India, which does help Japan from that point of view.

  • '19 Moderator

    I normany don’t bother with an American AC, you already have two DDs plus you should be able to get some of your ships from the west within a couple turns.

    I generaly buy transports and units to fill them. For example 3 Tranies, 2 Arm, 2Inf and move 2Inf from CUS to EUS. I would then be able to transport every thing I built on US1 somewhere on US2, and I would not have any transports that are not being used.

    However, I must add that often my turn 1 builds and begining strategy in general depends on what Germany and Japan do round 1

  • I like moving US units thru Africa on to India or Caucasas.

    For this to work the UK needs to remove the Baltic navy and Russia needs to be offensive for 2 rounds and the UK needs to move units into the Archangel area to back up russia for a bit.

  • from my point of view everyone needs to be offensive in the first round

    its very useful ,to limit your opponents units which he potencially could use

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