• on the first round, as Austria, not only did I attack Venice with my main stack, but I also took two infantry loaded them on my transport and then proceeded to take tuscany giving me another 2 ipc’s, this combined with taking away Venices income as well, pretty much depleting the already low Italian income.

    I was wondering if other people have tried this strat, and what were the results? I’m mid game right now so its still turn 1

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    In our first game of 1914, our Austrian player got real bold and actually managed to get Rome contested on round 2. The Turks threw both of their cruisers at the Italian fleet leaving them with a damaged battleship and a transport. Next round Austria came in, sank the Italian navy and landed  2 transports of stuff (I think it was 3 inf + 1 art) with Italy only having 3 infantry there.
    All of Italy’s other forces were stuck up in Venice with the huge Austrian Army. Austria managed to keep Rome contested for 3 rounds and actually took it on the fourth but by then USA was in the war and sent troops to liberate Rome.
    That was really an unusual move on Austria’s part and there was a certain amount of luck that no mines took out any of the Austrian ships.

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    I do the same but it isn’t helping me as much as I want maybe because of my strategy sort of ‘‘little bit there and little bit here’’.Next time I want to try to go after Italy with most of my stuff straight after beginning with aim to knock them out as fast as possible.Anyway can I transport troops from one contested territory to another contested territory?I know you can move your troops but I’m not shure about transporting them(via sea).

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    But honestly I think is very difficult to do ROME because if you have good players around the table the SZ17 will be full of ships from 2 or 3 nations most of the time.

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    Yeah, like I said, it was an unusual move and Italy didn’t get the help from the Allies that it should have.

    As for moving your units to and from contested territories, I believe you can move them by transport as well. It doesn’t specifically state in the rule book, but it does say that you can move your troops from one contested territory to another contested territory IF you already have troops in the 2nd contested territory via land.
    It also says you can move troops from a contested territory onto one of your transports.
    So, you would basically just be putting those two statements together.

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