• This question has to do with multi-national forces.

    The scenario is as follows:

    The Allies are about to invade Denmark via an amphibious assault.  Conducting the assault are UK battleships, cruisers and several UK infantry, artillery and tanks.  However, the transports that are carrying the UK land units are American.  The UK land units loaded onto the US transports during the previous turn and they are now in position to offload from the sea zone adjacent to Denmark.

    In response to the attack, W. Germany has scrambled three fighters.

    The questions are, can the UK land units offload from a US transport during the UK amphibious assault?  Also, can the German fighters attack the UK fleet AND the US transports?

    The question arises because naturally one cannot attack simultaneously with multi-national forces, only defend.  In this instance, the UK units are on a US transport, so can they be part of the attack by offloading from the transport after sea battle is resolved even though it belongs to the US?

    And since the German fighters are technically defending, can they - by virtue of sinking the UK surface warships first - also sink the US transports? Or are the US transports not considered part of the attack since multi-national attacks aren’t permitted and therefore the German fighters cannot hit them?

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    On page 21 of the Europe 1940.2 rulebook it says:

    “A multinational force can’t attack the same space together because each power moves and attacks with its own units only on its own turn.  Any units in a sea zone in which a battle occurs that belong to an ally of the attacker (other than cargo on an attacker’s ship) can’t participate in the battle in any way.  Such units can’t be taken as losses in the sea combat and have no effect on defending submarines.”

    So, I think that would mean that the American transports can’t be sunk in the sea battle.  But the UK troops could only offload after the sea battle if UK won the battle and the sea zone is no longer hostile.

    If there were any American units on British transports or carriers they would be cargo and could be sunk in the sea battle.

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    In your example, there are three possible outcomes:
    1 > The British warships kill ALL the German fighters. RESULT: Invasion of Denmark by Britain proceeds.

    2 > The British warships and German fighters wipe each other out. RESULT: US transports left in now friendly sea zone 112. Invasion of Denmark by Britain proceeds.

    3 > The German fighters kill ALL the British warships and at least 1 fighter survives. RESULT: US transports left in a hostile sea zone 112. While German fighter is defending and thus can NOT hit US transports, landing of British troops in Denmark is prevented by that German fighter. INVASION CANCELLED.
    What is worse, now you have a stack of defenseless US transports loaded with British troops very close to Germany and the US doesn’t move again until after Germany does. Unless Britain has something to put up there to protect those transports, 1 German plane can fly there to destroy all those US transports and UK troops with ease.

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