• 2007 AAR League

    the destruction of the US pacific fleet is perhaps the most important event that can happen early in the game. mass your jap navy with support from fighters and that bomber and with some luck you can achive victory. dont mind the british south pacific fleet for its very easy to defeat and is limied to that carrier and the destroyer. if you can achievethe destruction of the pacific fleet the invasion of russia, china and india is a piece of cake. dont try to invade the us for its useless. all of their economic power comes from within the east and west barriers.

  • i will say the same thing as someone in the topic before

    but is this truly so simple?

    you underarestimate american fleet and airforce

    japan can make quick gains early on but it aint just that simple

  • You should probably define what you mean by important. There aren’t any victory cities in Africa or Australia for instance…

  • austrailia?..…is that a joke?

  • no i just want to say that he sad that witth the destruction of uk and us fllet in hawai

    the half way is done

    the rest is a piece of cake

    it aint so if you ask me

    a good american player will divert attention frm russia by building ic in asia and masing tenks and also by a sea and air war in the pacific

    the brit is also useful
    he needs to use his indian and pacific fllet and build ic in india

    and mass tank afcorse

    well thats my wiev

    we dont play without optional rules so i i am not the best advisor

  • austrailia?..…is that a joke?

    Maybe it was, or maybe he felt that there had to be 3 options in the poll.

    By the way, what’s the relevance of the question to the poll question.

  • I don’t know ydavid…I don’t know

  • yes the poll question is rediculus

    any player who had played 3 AaA games would now the answer

  • '19 Moderator

    I could make it interesting and add Europe. 😄

  • I vote Antarctica.

  • sorry ezto

    we were just kiding

    you should just put it in other contest

    like africa
    american terriories in azia
    russian territories in asia

    because asia itselff is very big

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