Rocky Mountain Axis & Allies Meetup game groups table # 1

  • So I finally got off my duff and decided to post pictures of what our game group calls “table #1”.  This is the first “completed” table our group has, we play on 3 tables most game days and always G40. Its built around the out of the box map, you will notice we still use the 1st edition map, with some minor tweaks to it, but we play 2nd edition rules. (we did not see the point in spending money on the 2nd edition games just for the new map when none of us like the idea of the IPC chart being stuck on it anyway and since for the most part its the same map) and we make up the difference in pieces buy getting the new AA guns and stuff from Historical Board Games.  anyway.

    Its all built from 3/4 inch pine, glued and screwed together and painted, designed to come apart into 8 pieces without the use of tools so we can stash it in a closet when its not set up.

    the 15 compartment unit trays are built from 1/4 inch MDF, cut and glued with butt joints (very simple) lots of hand routing and sanding of edges and painting and the way cool set up cards I are made with a 1/8th inch thick peace of MDF with painted edges that than have minor threats set up charts stuck to both sides of them.  There is a finger hole in the bottom of the tray for getting the set up cards out and while we play the game, the set up card pocket helps for holding the IPC chips we use for money in each person play area.

    the IPC control board (alpha 2 with things marked out…have plans to replace with alpha 3…just have not done it yet).  you will see in some of the pictures and the “purchase units staging areas” you can see on the supply boards are canucks charts.  The IPC , NO and Tech charts are glues onto sheets of sheet metal and the sheet metal is glued to a board with a simple oak frame on it and I made some magnetic roundels for it using a paper punch from hobby lobby, some business card magnets and like bam, we have magmatic roundels for the big control board.  We have plans to rebuild this board, and we plan to eliminate the tech chart from it, none of us play tech so we don’t see the point of having a tech chart anymore.

    I’ve painted this table battleship grey and find I have to touch up the paint about once a year because we move it out of the closet and set it up about two times each month.

    We have plans to build a 2nd table very similar but with a few modifications, just waiting for group build funds to grow enough to purchase the materials (the materials for the last table cost about $200…in case your thinking about building one of your own).

    We have plans for building a 3rd table with similar design but its designed around an enlarged map that is about 5 feet wide and about 11 feet long.  I’ve posted some pictures of that that table at the end of all the other pictures for table 1.  its a work in progress, we play on it but most players still prefer the efficiency of playing at table 1 over the big map of table 3.  but table 3 is way cool because the map is so dang huge there is never any need for rally cards.

    anyway, thought I would share.

    if you are ever in Denver and want to join us for a game day, you can join our group at this link
    so you can be kept informed on when we game and stuff.

    Anyway, hope you enjoy this and peace


  • the frame and stuff


  • the battle board


  • the supply board


  • the map, with lettered ends fro crossing from end to end


  • the supply and the battle board for the other end


  • the board from end to end


  • the board with unit trays in place


  • both sides of the board with unit trays pushed in (under the board) so peeps have room to put elbows and food and stuff. and to work on their purchases ahead of time out from the prying eyes of the enemy.


  • a better look at the allied players side of the board with unit trays pulled out and pushed in


  • the axis side of the table


  • a close look at a unit tray (Russians - all trays are the same - of course)


  • a close look at the UK Pacific unit tray and tweaked half of the map.

    I’ve observed players since this game came out, new and veteran players alike have been doing the same thing from day one this game was released - they get confused on UK Europe IPC income and UK Pacific IPC income - so I put stickers on the map and made Canada roundels into UK Euro roundels and all UK Pack roundels I stuck with a union jack, the same roundel sent with the game to track their separate income.  it works great and there is nerve a question now when new players sit down to the table where the income for UK Pac is coming from.


  • air base and navy base tokens we use, got rid of those cheap ass thin cardboard crap things that come with the game and replaced them with cool etched ones that are small, easy to see and easy to pick up.  got them from Litko Games, just Google Litko.  they have tons of cool stuff like this for aa and other games.
    and the ICs with the 3 and the 10 and the city landscape on them are just the old ICs from previous games that I took and stuck labels on that I created using a “bothers P-touch” labeler that I picked up from office depot, its already got the city scape label option built into it ant I just reduced the font until it aligned onto the IC piece the way I wanted it to.

    simple and (imo ) looks cool and is way better than those dumb cardboard things.  anyway, that’s a look at what we use for those pieces.


  • and here is the entire board with all the pieces in place and a shot of the unit trays with the pocker IPC chip in the unit trays.  we use these for our IPCs cuss they work really good and are fun to click together while thinking while waiting for your next turn.


  • a closer look at the pacific and Europe half of the boards with pieces in place


  • a look at table #3 (under construction) - the HUGE board

    this table will someday be similar to table 1, just HUGE.  right now its still a work in progress.


  • and two close up looks at the huge map, to see how much room is on this map for the pieces.


  • NICE!!

  • You gotta include at least one ‘action’ shot. I did find one with both tables 1 & 3. And I do prefer the big table, everything else feels cramped by comparison.

    We’re pretty lucky in that one of the devoted members of our little group is an office manager for some office suites. So there’s always some empty office that’s open for us to game in. I tried finding a group shot and I think the last one was back in March of last year. Oh and we have 1914 as well, so stop by if you ever swing through Denver.


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  • I can attest that these game boards are awesome to play on. Chris has done an amazing job, and we really appreciate it!

  • Might be worth a road trip to Colorado :).

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