Is Oztea's 1941 setup available for Triple A?

  • I didn’t know where else to post this. I’m considering giving it a run next Saturday with my buddies, but I wanted to play around with it myself for a little bit first. Is it available on Triple A? And if so, where can I find it? Thanks.

  • For the triple a you would have to edit it all in and out, I would give it a go with you if you want

  • Here is a file with the 1941 setup

    Global 1941 Oztea Setup 2nd Edition 4-21-2013.tsvg

  • It looks a little different than the Alpha 3 version I copied about a year and a half ago…little different Navy set up in the Atlantic.
    Looks good though

  • This is the current setup and another file, that doesnt start in edit mode and correctly has the Minor IC on New Zealand

    Here is the official setup thread

    Global 1941 Oztea Setup 2nd Edition 10-7-2013.tsvg

  • WOW! What timing! I just got on today looking for the 1941 file after getting a new computer.

  • Russia and China are getting steamrolled, I might add a few units for the both of them in their rear areas so they can march to the front slowly.

    Maybe like another artillery and infantry for China in the north, and another little task force for Russia in the Urals area.
    I am also strongly considering adding a Russian destroyer, and another Sub for them in the arctic

    Also ANZAC may get a few units.

  • Temporary setup changes to boost allies are

    Russia (would gain 22 IPCs of combat units, 24 non-combat units)
    +1 Destroyer, +1 Transport SZ 127
    +1 Transport SZ 100
    +2 Infantry, +1 Artillery, +1 AA gun Yenisey
    +1 AA gun Russia
    +1 Tank Buryatia

    China (would gain 10 IPCs of combat units)
    +1 Infantry Kansu
    +1 Infantry Tsinghai
    +1 Artillery Sikang

    ANZAC (would gain 6 IPCs of combat units, 20 IPCs of non combat units)
    +1 Infantry, +1 AA gun, +Airbase Western Australia
    +1 Infantry Northern Territory

    If you are worried about an India Crush, ANZAC can load all its planes in Western Australia then send them to India.
    Another concern has been if the US buys all transports round 1 and sends them to Africa turn 2
    Germany can stop this by building an airbase in Holland/Belgium and hitting SZ 91 with subs and planes, sinking the US fleet if it dares move there.

  • also beware that this file doesnt understand the concept of original ownership.
    If Germany captures Tobruk it should revert to Italian control, not become German.

    Id really like to know if there is a way to fix this outside of edit mode.

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