• My vote totally goes for Cheney (of course, like I said in the poll on the Presidential Debate, everyone is going to vote for his candidate). He raised so many great questions Edwards could not answer; it was fun to watch :D.

    You know, Bush is a good debater, but I think we should have Cheney take over for him; he’s better :D.

  • What? No poll!?? Damn you! :evil: :lol: .

    Seriously, I would agree. Cheney won the first part of the debate on foriegn policy, Edwards won the second part of the debate on domestic issues, but not by as much, and that part isnt as important. Cheney also brought up the records of Kerry and Edwards pretty effectively, while Edwards response to that could have been better. So i would say Cheney won this debate on substance.

    On style, they were about equal. Cheney was generally dry, edwards started out a bit angry and arrogant, but got better as the debate progressed. So on style, they tied.

  • While I agree that Channey won the debate, it’s not on points. He won on style. That certainly was not what I expected. Regardless, nothing that mattered got answered, which is as expected.

    I think the Republicans did some research this time. Sadly for the Republicans no amount of prep will help Bush for Friday. 😉

  • no, its not about research, bush did plenty. cheney is just a better debater. i think he solidly defeated edwards. style was a big part, but substance mattered to. edwards points revolved on “john kerry and i believe…” often something unrelated to the topic.

    flip-flopping was one issue raised. edwards said he and kerry were consistent, while bush flip-flopped. this is just plain wrong.
    both have flip-flopped, but there is a significant difference.

    kerry’s flip-flops have shared the trait of following political winds based on his audience. wherever he is, he basically formats his position to best serve him to that audiences’ beliefs. it shows he does not truly have solid opinions of his own, and if he does, he is willing to sacrifice them for political gains.

    bushs flip-flops, were different. he had strong opinions, than eventually, reluctantly, changed them, when it became clear the people wanted him to. i like that

  • Janus,
    The flip flop thing has been done to death. It’s just not the deal they are trying to make it into. What Kerry did on Iraq makes sense to me. I was not thrilled with the vote on supplimental funds, but put in the context it occured in, I understand why he did it.

    “bushs flip-flops, were different. he had strong opinions, than eventually, reluctantly, changed them, when it became clear the people wanted him to. i like that”
    Rather than debate if he flip flopped, lets look at what he was aginst.
    The 9/11 commission. A group to find out why the 9/11 attacks succeeded and try and make sure it never happens again.
    Department of Homeland defense.
    Why? That matters allot more.
    In fairness, I was and am aginst the formation of the Department of Homeland defence. personally.

    Oh well. This whole thing that people are buying into bugs me. A Democracy in the Middle East will not have terrorists? Why? On what are we basing that? Has everyone forgotten Oklahoma City? Timothy McVee was not from the Middle East.

  • What? No poll!?? Damn you!

    I don’t know why the poll didn’t appear… I put on up there!! :evil: 😉

    I loved it when Gwen asked Edwards what they (he and Kerry) meant when Kerry said he would give no nation a veto over America’s military action, but would also get the UN’s approval before any action was taken, and “how that wasn’t giving the UN a veto,” and Edwards couldn’t answer, and changed the subject :D.

  • I loved how when asked about trying to make links to 9/11& terrorists etc on going to Iraq Channey said “he never said that”… He’s getting old. Memory fading I guess.
    I admit that Edwards came off as inexperienced. I also think a fairly important thing was highlighted by Edwards though. This administration has lied to us on numerous occassions to get their (Chenney’s since there can be no doubt anymore about who is actually creating policy) way.
    The ticket really should be Chenny Bush, not Bush Chenny. That said, Chenny is a better President and I feel better knowing he’s in charge than W.

  • lizard, dont try and conceal it, your a demie, we all know it! 🙂 I think cheney was superb, edwards was acting like he was talking to one of his juries. and by the way lizard, the reason cheney is vice president is because Bush knows hes not a good debater, and he wanted cheneys expierience.

  • You caught me in a good mood. Free pass.

  • Maybe this is a stupid question Lizard, but exactly what evidence do you have that Bush is controlled by Cheney? :roll:

  • '19 Moderator

    I think you could argue the opposite. Just look at the gay marage issue. It was brought up in the debate. Cheney dosn’t support a constitutional ban, but he supports the President.

  • Thanks for the poll, Dezrt :).

  • I’d say it was a tie…. :-? Edwards did a fine job though, I have no doubt that he would be a good vice-president. 😄

  • It doesn’t matter much. Dan Quayle got his a$$ handed to him in his debate and he got elected VP.

  • '19 Moderator

    I agree that it doesn’t matter much, most people don’t care or even know what teh VP does anyway. But, Cheney won. 😛

  • I’d say strategically, DF, I’d agree….Like the battle of Richmond for the Rebs… 😛

  • b ut we won the battle of richmond. 🙂

  • @marine36:

    b ut we won the battle of richmond. 🙂

    I’m thinking of a different battle in KY then….idk… :oops:

  • dont confuse me, call it a skirmish.

  • There was another battle in KY… :roll: I lived there… :roll:

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