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    I am moving next week on Thursday (9/5/13).  I have no real assurance that I will have internet for the week thereafter.  I probably will, but you know how things can get screwed up if you don’t plan ahead.

    If I am in a game with you, I apologize in advance for a lengthy delay on posting rounds.  If at all possible I’ll try to wrap games up next week before the move so I can just start new games after the move.

    With luck I’ll have my cable internet setup the same day I close on the new house and I won’t have more than a 18 hour break without internet!  Then again, what did Murphy say about plans and surviving implementation?

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    Have a blessed move Jen the good.

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    Jen “the good”?

    More like Jen “the secretly gassed her own people in syria to keep her rebel forces alive, whilst blaming it on Assad.”

    I also wish you an excellent move.

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    Good luck Jen.
    I hate not being able to get on this site, so hope it is a temporary loss of internet.

  • Free wifi spots virtually everywhere.  I’m sure you could work something out.  Now if it’s less about internet access and more about just being busy moving everything, that’s what friends (and kids) are for…

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    I could always go to work early, as long as no one sees me enter the building no one will ask me for help and I could login from the employee lounge. lol.

    But thanks for the well wishes.  I have this as planned out as possible, I think.  right down to the extra packets of coffee grounds just in case the coffee doesn’t get found on day one!

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