Russian Revolution: Advatage for Allies?

  • I believe using the optional Russian Revolution rule is advantage to the Allies, in a game already favoring the Allies.  We’ve only played with the Russian Revolution, but I believe playing without it would allow the CP to conquer and control more territories, generating more income for the CP. Of course, the CP would then almost always have to push hard to conquer Moscow, possibly limiting strategic options.

    What do you think?  I’d like for a sightly more balanced game and we’re considering not using the Russian Revolution in an attempt at better balance and hope that it will allow for more Russian strategies besides delicately surrounding Moscow to force it into the Revolution.

  • Causing the Russian revolution without many casualties on the CP side always outnumbers the IPC gained. For example you can send the remaining Austrian army to India to support the Ottomans. In general it is better to lose German armies than your Austrian or Ottoman army

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