Which event would most likely top off an annoying game?

  • I meant that the allies lost but the 2 other capitals were captured ending the game and my capital survived! :x (usually the USA).

    “Never have so few been commanded by so many.”

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    I know. They chose to end the game after two ally capitals were captured becuase at that point you just don’t have the finances to maintain an adequate supply of manpower to win. (Unless you can liberate a capital within a round.)

    And yes, it is frustrating when the UK and USSR fall, especially as the game is geared towards allowing the “good guys” (a.k.a. allies) win.

  • Actually it’s just that the winning condition for the game is that one side has to capture 2 capitals. This means if the axis claims UK and Russia they don’t need to take the US because they already met the victory condition.

    Well anyway people, I get the point… I’m an idiot because I made the poll 🙂

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    I think it’s more then that, Pol. I think once two nations fall there is no financial way the 3rd can win. Then again, if you have two enemy capitals, plus your two you already have 34-38 IPCs out of your needed 84 IPCs for a financial victory and I’d wager just about anything that you also have enough territory to have surpassed the M84 requirement.

  • No, what I mean literally is that the game’s objective is to capture 2 capitals. Check the rules 🙂 it says that the two victory conditions are to either make an economic victory as the Axis (usually something I play without) or to capture two capitals. Once the Axis keeps two capitals until the end of the turn the game literally ends.

  • http://www.straightnochaser.org/Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.mov

    I say if we need to start a poll on Apolaris’ little film here. LMAO. WTF?! That’s HOT!

  • Don’t even ask. I don’t know who convinced him to do that. But yes, it really is Leonard Nimoy. And there have been many comments. I will post them in the General Discussion section.

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