New A&A game scheduled to release Fall 2004!!!

  • New A&A PC game scheduled to be released by Atari in Fall 2004 @ Check it out!!!

  • Hey, I started up a thread on the “Other Games” Forum but the game deffinately deserves some space here as well. Check out what Ryan from Atari had to say on the message boards at the Atari Community:

    I’m really excited for this release, as both an A&A enthusiast and RTS gamer you have to appreciate the work TimeGate studios has put into this game. I also post on Larry Harris’ official message boards. Here’s what he recently said about the game:

    Hope you guys enjoy the links!


  • Imagine the world map cut up into regions a la the A&A game board. You take turns moving resources, units, buying technologies, etc towards the objective of capturing opponents’ capital cities set in WWII. However, instead of rolling dice to determine conflicts as in A&A - you jump onto the battlefield and use the resources that were moved into the territory of conflict to play out a RTS battle. Being an A&A board game nut from my high school days AND a RTS fan, I absolutely consider it the best of both worlds.
    Took it from Atari board.

    .SICK!!!,i always tought of doing that,nice job guys@ atari

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