• https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.electrowolff.war

    Anyone else tried this out? It plays fairly well, AI could be more challenging, and a few bugs around blitzing, planes not crashing when carriers sink etc…
    It still can’t replace the value that face to face games have but my 8 yr old nephew and I played it on a 3 hour car ride on a 10" tablet, it plays so well as a travel version. I hope the creator expands, at the very least he shows how well this game works on a touch device.

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    I wonder if they got a license to SELL something with Axis and Allies on it?

  • Don’t rock the boat, but if this gets taken down I hope Larry or someone of influence can understand how well this  game plays on touch screens and the huge market there is. I would pay for high quality digital versions of all A&A games. I still enjoy the 1998 Hasbro version and don’t understand why they did not continue with that format.

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    I actually posted about this when I found out about this. I took down the topic though after buying it because it plays terribly on my Galaxy S3.

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    Axis and Allies could get a huge boost if they would release console and computer versions like the old Hasbro game. An easy to use program on PSN/Xbox live./computer would introduce to a whole market which may have little to no exposure to A&A.

  • I have to agree, that this is a big impact for all players, being on their own and just want to play close to the classic board game. It is the 1941 variant of the game so the simplest one, but it´s fun anyway even when the AI is not very challenging yet. Some bugs are also still present. Hope this is an officially approved and confirmed game because I was waiting for this for so long and I am very pleased. I really hope the developer will publish more scenarios like 1942 or 1914 or even Europe/Pacific.

    Greets Robee

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    It probably will get taken down, but it is a good idea.

    Then again, with tablets these days, if you could get one that runs off the cell network, you could play tripleA in the car and play these games too.  Of course, it would be frowned upon if you are playing while you drive, but you know. 😛

  • The app in question is now known as just 1941. The dev did have some legal issues with using the A&A name.
    I have to admit it was this app that got me into Axis & Allies and persuaded me to buy the board games.
    I always wanted to have a go of A&A, but buying a game that I may not like is not high on my list of essential purchases.
    For that I am extremely thankful for this gem of an app.
    The dev is constantly updating and adding features. He now has added ‘free for all’ mode, which allows all nations to attack each other and also ‘income +’ mode. Which doubles the ipc values of most of the territories.
    I’m personally looking forward to multiplayer. Hopefully that is in the not too distant future.
    Unfortunately for me though, this app gets played more than the board games because it is damn hard to find anyone willing to give it a crack…

  • 1941 has just received an update and multiplayer is now online.

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    I’ve been playing it for years and I love it. Send me an invite!!! Options 1942 and standard victory if you would please  🙂


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    While I am not ready for multiplayer yet, I have been trying to mirror the gameplay that is happening on my kindle (android) with the 1941 board game on a table in front of me.

    However it looks to me like the initial setup for the kindle version is different from the board game.

    I would appreciate a response either that I am wrong about the difference or a pointer to a PDF that documents the specifics of kindle (android) setup.


  • Hi, has anyone worked out how to do a strategic bombing run when playing via the app?

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    there is no SB because SB doesn’t exist in AA1941.

  • I wish the game would allow games with more than two players online and G40 would also be cool. Sadly the developer does not reply to email and seems not to work anymore on the game.

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