2020 Master Players List Version 3.0

  • If you have an Android phone you can get Excel in the Google Play Store for free.  It obviously works if you have a Windows phone as well.  I don’t think it works for iPhones though, but I’m not sure.  It has all the functionalities needed to view the Player List.

  • '14 Customizer

    We have an annual gaming session every Easter weekend and play on Thursday (March 24) and Friday (March 25). We will begin the game around noon (EST) on Thursday. One of our regular players can’t make it this year. The game is held in Celina, Ohio.

    The game will be Global 1940 with a custom magnetic board and painted pieces.


    Please message me if interested.

  • Virginia General
    Hampton, VA
    A&A Revised, A&A 1940 Europe (want to play Global)

  • Just moved and looking for a new group of people to play with.

    Name: Brandon
    Location: Austin, TX
    Games: A&A (I brought G40 and Bulge from home, but will play anything)

  • '14 '13


    Thanks for taking this up, I do know it takes time to put these kinds of lists together and keep them updated.

    Did you use any info gathered from original thread?

    thx Death

    Yes, I transferred all the info from the original.

  • '14 '13

    Sorry everyone, I have been so busy trying to grow our catering business. I will update the list tonight and get current. I am glad to see that it has helped out the community. I am hoping to make time to start painting my pieces again.


  • Hi Everyone,

    Here is my info. If you’re in the DC area and want to play, let me know.

    Name: TunaMaker
    Location: Washington, DC
    Games: A&A, Twilight Struggle
    Notes: I have both the 1940 Europe and Pacific games for the Global game. I can host episodically, but for the next 2 months I can host most any weekend.

  • '17 '16

    Back into A&A after a 30 year absence…

    My info

    Name: Wolfshanze
    Location: Pensacola, FL
    Games: 1941 & 1942 SE
    Notes: both customized with extra units, combat dice, dice tray, IPs, IPC chips/cash & custom enlarged maps.  I can host weekends or some weekday evenings.

  • '14 '13

    Updated as of 25 April 2016. Sorry for the extended break from the group. Life……

  • I’m in Victoria BC and happy to play head to head in any of the games.  I have 1940 Pacific and Europe, 1942 and Classic.

  • 2021 '18 '16

    Name: Sean
    Location: Houston, TX (Sugar Land)
    Games: AAG40, Fortress America, AA DDay, AARevised, Battle of France, AA Original, Battle Cry

    Weekends are best.

    Send message and let’s get the dice rolling!!!

  • Name: LennardF
    Location: Victoria, BC, Canada
    Games: A&A 1940 Pacific, 1940 Europe, 1942, Classic
    Notes: Looking for head to head opponents but would play 2v2 team as well.

  • '10

    Mount Dora Florida. Have Global 1940 second edition. Have a venue and willing to host games starting in oct. Too hot now.

  • Name: Sentmassen (Ryan)
    Location: Oakland, CA
    Games: A&A 1940 (have Fortress America and Twilight Struggle but have yet to play)

    I usually like 2v2 teams but I would also be up for solo matches. I have a insatiable urge to play A&A so cant be picky.

  • '17 '16 Customizer


    Orange County CA. - A&A 1940 global

  • My name is Nick. I live in Manassas, VA. I have Axis and allies Global 1940. I built a replica of Young Grasshoppers table and set it up in my basement, as well as printed out his map file, kind of like my own battle bunker lol.  I used to play a good amount but no longer have friends with time to play. I also have and love to play: Fortress America. Aliens vs Predator: the hunt begins, Napoleon in Europe, Star Wars: Rebellion, ZOMBIES!!!, and basically any other strategy war game. I primarily like global though 😉


  • Hello all

    NAME: vadermonkey (john)


    Vers: 1940 GLOBAL 2nd edition

  • Hello everybody, my name is Nick and I just started with Axis & Allies, and just registered with the forum. I haven’t played any games yet, but I have started painting my minis for A&A 1914.

    pizzaman6 (Nick)

    Pleasanton (SF Bay Area)

    AA 1914 AA 1940 Global (or separate Pacific or Europe)

    I’m interested in board games in general, so I’m open to other games.

  • Bryan
    Birmingham, Alabama

  • '14 '13

    Everyone has been added to the spreadsheet. We are current as of 15 Nov 2016.


  • My name is James my screen name is Gator17 I want to play Axis and Allies 1940 G40, I live in Providence RI. If anyone wants to play in Southern New England let me know.

  • '19

    A&A Players:

    I am a newbie. I have always wanted to play AnA and am now able to allocate the time for this game and make it another quality new hobby !

    I have watched lots of videos, but would like to know if you are aware of any players in the Phoenix area who would allow me to watch them play, and then possibly join in once I am prepared.

    Thank you !!!



  • Name: Erocco
    Location: Coquitlam, BC Canada
    Games: Axis and Allies 1942 second edition, Axis and Allies 50th Anniversary, Axis and Allies 1940 Global
    Notes: I like to play at least once a month

  • Currently in Central New Jersey

    I have a small group of players for Axis and Allies we do play the Global 1940 and Oztea’s 41 Set up as well.

    in the past year or so we have been strictly playing Global War 1936/39 from HBG we are in need of a 3rd since it is more of a 3 person game! if you are interested PM me!
    were always looking for some new strategies!

  • Name: Brandon  (dbwool)
    Location: Erie, PA
    Games: A&A Anniversary Edition, A&A 1940 Global, A&A Classic

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