• Can i use planes from AC to attack adjacent SZ and return planes to AC after attack? AC doesn’t move ofc.

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    Yes. Any Fighter can move 4 in its turn, or 5 from an AB.
    It could do as you say or fly further, as long as you have sufficient movement left  to either return or land elsewhere, without ecceeding its remaining movement allowance. It does not have to return to the Carrier or Territory from where it came.
    It must not fly somewhere if it cannot have a legitimate landing available in the non combat phase: no suicide missions or crashing into the sea for want of fuel!
    In your example, if you have enough movement points left(would be 2 if the Carrier is adjacent to the Island)  the Carrier could move 2 SZs away and the Ft follow it.

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    Afternoon Suprtramp.
    Yes it can. Only Navy blocks naval movement(or a Strait of course!).
    An island is a separate territory, yes.

    With the exception of Subs and Transports, which cannot block enemy movement by themselves.

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