Japan Unveils Largest Warship Since WWII

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    IL, you still pissed that you can’t differentiate between modern naval vessels?

    Diapers, you still so gonna spank kids when they get older? When you do tell them it’s a Carrier ok?

    they’re really getting to old to spank.  not that spanking won’t do any good, but I can’t freaking CATCH THEM anymore!

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    Spanking is one of the worst things to do. Bad parenting. What is worse is calling the child a LHD.

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    Spanking is one of the worst things to do. Bad parenting. What is worse is calling the child a LHD.

    Right, spanking a kid who is engaging in activities that could result in their death is the worst thing you can do.

    For instance, I’ve used spanking for:  Playing in the street; Playing with the steak knives (chasing each other and pretending to want to stab each other); Playing with the stove; etc.

    However if they log into my computer and make it sick, I make them sit there and watch the AV programs.  Just appropriate. lol.

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    Did you ever call the kids a LHD?

    Never do that. Emotional scars for life. It seems to instill anger in them and latter when they grow up…. they may troll internet forums.

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    what is a LHD?

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    Landing Helicopter Dock.

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    what is a LHD?

    a Larry Harris Disciple? of course here that would be a good thing. 😄

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    Imperious Chunker.

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  • I like big boats and I can not lie.  Make 'em so they’re big and wide.

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    I like big boats and I can not lie.  Make 'em so they’re big and wide.

    All right ,all right Sir-Mix-Jerm’foot  :mrgreen:

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    IL:  I’ve asked you stop referring to my kids before, and yet you continue to do so.  This is the fourth of fifth time you’ve referenced my kids getting beaten in the various threads.  I’ve asked you to stop, noting that there’s something pretty distasteful about someone fantasizing about beating a three year old and an infant (the ages of my kids), and yet for whatever reason, you continue to do so.

    I noted that I was a father of small children in a post in which I was telling you about myself and who I am as a person.  Since that point, you’ve made repeated references to my children getting beaten, and I would like it to stop.  I’ve not made any references to or shots about your weight.  I’d like for you stop fantasizing/referring to the beating of my son and infant daughter.

    Don’t reply to me in any form direct or implied. Don’t use language like C**ksucker, stop being so angry, stop starting arguments like “hey idiot it’s a LHD and not a carrier” Or Hey you missed a period…because i could not find anything wrong except grammar. These are not arguments.

    For someone to say they have no further plans to reply to something i posted, then just go ahead because you can’t control yourself is really something.

    Just ignore me and go away. Waste of time dealing with you. It’s not like either party will be convinced of anything from the other. Gratuitous insults is really a waste. Everybody is guilty of that.

    Oh and i am 83.3 Kilo’s so i could care less about weight references. I think that is about 180 lbs or around. If that’s fat then fine. Who cares.

    Summary: Don’t enter threads and quote me with some gibberish in order to start flame wars or you get burned far worse.

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    Did I call you a diseased cocksucker?  You bet I did: after you talked about my children getting beaten.

    Did I say that a posting you wrote with 4 pronouns and no antecedents was incomprehensible?  Yes.  Meanwhile, you ding people every day for misspelling words.

    Did I say “It’s an LHD, not a carrier”?  Yes, I did.  In a thread that was about a new Japanese destroyer, which you claimed without any background in the subject matter, that it was not a destroyer, but a carrier.  I weighed in on the conversation, like about a dozen other people.  What’s your problem with what I wrote again?

    Have I gotten angry at you?  Sure I have.  When you talk repeatedly about my kids getting beaten, after I’ve explicitly said they’re young, and expressed my wishes in no uncertain terms that you stop talking about my children getting physically abused.

    Have a dinged you on your weight?  Not once.

    However, even if you ignored all of the above, the fact remains that you, a grown man, apparently still truly and honestly equate repeatedly talking and joking about someone’s infant kids getting physically abused, with being called a cocksucker and a poor grammarian.  All I can say is:  Holy ����, you have no sense of proportion whatsoever.

    At any rate: I hope we meet in person some day.  I truly do.

    That’s it? The only thing you still don’t get is stop entering threads where you have the intention of causing a flame war. That means do not reply to me, don’t comment about something i said, nothing. Next time you get mad, just don’t use a computer.

    And try to remember that an argument about grammar is not an argument. An argument about somebody using the vernacular “carrier” is basically correct and we don’t need to hear about another argument regarding LHD. It means nothing and it adds nothing. In fact, you didn’t bring that up when other people use used that term. Get a grip.

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    FFS, either whip them out and let me judge who has the bigger you know what, or knock it off.

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    I don’t use the word LHD because it’s harmful to children, like spanking.

    If you want to fantasize about sucking **** since you seem to use that word alot……yep, you will do that.

    But do you see the issue of replying to me? It is better not too.

    Watch this and relax:


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    Jesus Christ, are you able to type a single posting, without having to go back and edit it?  Jesus, it must be exhausting…

    You called?

    Perhaps you might just think about that for a few minutes……wait it’s coming…it’s coming…

    let’s think this out:

    1> troll gets mad every time i edit something.
    2> Therefore continue to edit just to see how many times he will comment on it.
    3> sit back and enjoy stupid crap that bugs him…


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    BTW, how many emails have you gotten today, offering words of support?

    only 47…oh and one from Dr. Spock

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    Listen up Imperious.

    The communities had enough of your stench, and we’ve lost enough of our members to your bull sht.

    It’s time your fat ass got tossed out. Let the games begin.

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    Then delete your account. Then we won’t be bothered.

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    I often have deep and meaningful conversations in my head when brushing my teeth.
    Isn’t that funny?

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    IL, however, ONLY gets pissed when someone points out something that’s incorrect about what he posts.  Or even offers a differing point of view.  For him, it’s all about himself.

    I get entertained when idiots make up grammar mistakes as a means of an argument. It is so weak as to make me laugh, which is why i do things like further pester them and make edits. Their only defense seems to transfer this upon me an even worse argument " I claim you do it so i do it rubbish"

    Then they confuse the calling of vessel a carrier, which is that it looks like a Carrier as opposed to a Destroyer. Nobody cares what the technical name is but the point is it is not a Destroyer. This becomes another fail argument. Nobody cares.

    Just shows that rjdiapers70 really didn’t do any homework in forensics.

    and now this:

    1. Spanking shows that “stronger” is right. When you use physical punishment to show a child he/she did something wrong, you are sending the unintended message that whomever is bigger and stronger decides what’s right and what’s wrong. Does this mean your child can determine what’s right when he or she becomes stronger than you? Could this contribute to why elder abuse is so prevalent?

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    I see nothing much has changed in my months of absence.    It is a pretty neat ship.  It’s probably less of a carrier than the US amphibious support ships.  Remember, this US ship is NOT technically an AC….


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    Don’t call it a Carrier or you will be flamed by rjdaipers70.

    Or is that only if i call it a Carrier?

    Only problem is it looks like a Carrier which is fact and nobody in interested in what it is technically.

  • IL, you started this one. You showed up, without any evidence, and said, “It’s a carrier”. Then you started trolling anyone who disagreed. Just because it might have the same capabilities as a carrier doesn’t mean it’s primary function is as a destroyer. As for the whole “I’m going to piss you off because it entertains me” it just makes you look like an idiot and lowers everyone’s respect for you. So stop trying to be cool, and contribute to the conversation instead of bringing it down.

  • Ah….this reminds me of old times.  We don’t need a Political section to get all crazy up in hurr.  8-)

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