No A&A general discussion forum section?

  • Im trying to figure out where I could discuss general A&A items, things that could apply to all games, or home games.  ie: what map to use, etc.  Im interested in playing my own version of global for instance, and want to start by discussing the map to use…the global section seems to be specefic to global 40 though?  As well getting feedback on the combat system and its shortfalls would apply to nearly every game type, so a general discussion forum that doesnt neatly fit into the specefic game sections nor house rules(yet!) would help I would think…

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    The House Rules section is the best place to discuss home-made A&A variants.  Depending on what you mean by getting feedback on things which apply to all games, the Player Help section might be a good choice.

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    Variants also seems an appropriate board for this topic… and I am interested in the discussion.

    What exactly are you looking to talk about?

  • hoffman, see my thread in the player help section.

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