• Hi, i played a game recently and i was Germany. Just played like the first edition and finally got overwhelmed by the allies in france and in Russia i was getting a lot of money but the big russian infantry stack was too much for me to kill so Moscow was very hard to take. ( played in Europe only wich i concede U.S.A is a big heavy mother***** with too much money and only you to kill) So the fact is, what do you do in your first move overall and whats is your best strat……tryied to kill all uk boats but failed…yep i was able to kill all of them in the second turn but lost a lot of planes, subs and my bismark. Italy player was just playing like he didnt give a shit so…yes that didnt helped me a lot…no africa, strange move, no big help form him in the russian front…

  • Did you play Europe 1940 only?  If so you might want to migrate over to those forums!

  • If you were to play 2nd edition or Alpha 3, I would be able to give advice.  I never played the original out of box.

  • Yep it was second edition and yep it was only europe but im playin global in 2 weeks and german strat in global or europe is the same so……or if not i want a german strat in global!

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    Well, yeah the German strategy is kind of the same in Global 40 as it is in Europe 40. Not much difference there, although you might get better dice this time when killing the Royal Navy and maybe not lose so many planes. That’s one thing that changes from game to game. One game could be bad luck and awful rolls, the next could be great.
    A couple of things that will be different for Germany in a game of Global 40 is Japan and the United States.
    JAPAN - As another strong Axis power, they could take some of the heat off of Germany. Also, if Japan decides to advance into Russia, that could help Germany with Russia. Those territories in the far east aren’t worth much, but that would be that much less that Russia has to spend on defense. Plus, if Japan drives too hard into Russia, it may take units away from the German front to deal with the Japanese, thus making Germany’s advance into Russia a little easier.
    UNITED STATES - In Global 40, the US will have to decide which way to go, Atlantic or Pacific. They basically have three choices:
    1 > Heavy Atlantic: If they do this, then it is bad news for Germany and Italy as their tremendous income will overwhelm you from the West while Russia comes at you from the East. You will probably get squeezed between the two. However, this means an almost free hand for Japan in the Pacific and Asia. Without the US hounding them, Japan will have little problem overwhelming ANZAC, UK/India and China and should be able to spread rapidly, possibly gaining an Axis win in the Pacific. In this case, Germany would simply have to hold out long enough for this to happen.
    2 > Heavy Pacific: In this case, it’s pretty much “poor Japan”. The US will sink Japan’s navy and use it’s vast resources to replace ships that Japan can’t. Eventually, they will park a fleet of subs in SZ 6 convoy raiding Japan into the poorhouse while SBRing them into the stone age. With China and UK/India gaining strength on the mainland and ANZAC taking the islands, it won’t be long before Japan simply can’t buy any units and gets taken out. However, this leaves Germany/Italy with just the UK and Russia to deal with. The UK is usually not strong enough to mount an invasion of German territory and pretty much has their hands full with Italy. With Germany making more than Russia, it’s just a matter of time before Moscow falls, even if Russia turtles. It just has to happen before the US can bring their massive arsenal over to Europe once they have neutralized Japan.
    3 > 50/50 split: If the US tries to balance their purchases between both theaters, it will mean both the Japanese and Germans/Italians will be facing some US trouble, but it won’t be overwhelming for either. I think some players can do this successfully, but I have found in our games it almost never works because there isn’t enough on either side to really make the difference. The US when at war with all their available NOs will have an income of 77 IPCs (assuming they still have the Philippines). So that is roughly 38-40 IPCs spent in each theater which just isn’t enough to take on either Japan or Germany. They could possibly slip into the Med and pound on Italy, but in that case Germany would have to invest some in planes and/or subs to help Italy out some to keep the Americans at bay. Japan might have a little tougher time of it since the US starts with most of their fleet in the Pacific, but Japan starts out with a very strong navy and the US starting fleet can’t match that. So, Japan may not be able to expand as quickly as they would like in order to match US naval buys, but with the US only spending half in the Pacific, Japan could match them and still be able to fund troops for fighting China and India.

    So, while I can’t really give you a different German strategy, I can say in Global you have a better chance at an Axis victory. Good luck.

  • 1  Buy infantry/rt round 1,
    Kill france with all available ground, try to keep tanks and mechs
    Kill 106, 110, and 111 (maybe try to bb strafe 111) might be forced to land some stuff in holland if u did not take the berlin tac as a casualty.
    Take out yugo with enough to 1 shot it or try to strafe it for italy.
      Take bulg and finland while stacking slovakia with everything from berlin and from poland
      Land hungarian/poland air in south italy
      Stack 112 if you can do it safely otherwise, go for 113, drop denmark garrison in norway

    2  Buy at least 1 dd and 1 sub to handle the russian sub and the NO then either more slow, or mech/tank
    Kill 97 if uk has stuff there, or other med navy
    Kill surviving UK navy if you can
    Kill Normandy unless u want italy to have
      Land in alex if italy stacks there
      Send tanks and mechs from france to yugo
      Put every ground unit in range on to Romania
      Berlin units to poland
      Norway units to finland

    3  Buy all fast (maybe a replacement plane or some boats aswell) preferably mech heavy
    Declare on Russia
    Stack bess heavy
    Kill poland and baltic if you can do it cheaply
    Kill karelia and vyborg, if high novgorod garrison, go to karelia light untill he moves out
    If russia pulled back out of novgorod and belarus, u might be able to stack poland/karelia heavy
    Kill russian sub if it sits in 125, have your sub in 125 to cancel NO
    So if you can stack both bess and epl safely, then thats good, just stay focused on bess.
      Non-com berlin fast to epl or Romania
      Check on how much air you need to help italy
      Make sure italy is getting some units to follow your army to can-open for you.

    4  Buy more fast, maybe some slow to help garrison western europe if you have to.
    Kill west Ukraine
    Stack Ukraine heavy!!
    Kill bela and novgorod if possible
    Try to have italians in range of can-opening rostov
      Shuffle more fast units east
      Use navy/air accordingly
      keep sending italian fast units to russia, 3 or 4 tanks/mechs would be nice to have with the germans.

    5 and Beyond
    Have italy can-open rostov so germany can fight for volg and cauc, stack bryansk of possible, keep russians in moscow.  Eventually, you will have russia stuck while you have moscow surrounded on at least 3 sides.  With germany making around 80, you can start pressuring persia while japan is pressuring india, eventually, India or Persia will fall.  The longer you can keep italy going the better.  Try to invest in destroyers if you can with scramble ready in south ita, this makes italian navy hard to hit.  Make sure, you hold west germany, and berlin at all costs, watch out for the denmark opener followed by UK berlin attack. Fast units in west germany with slow in france can help counter a normandy stack.

    If the allies are heavy in the atlantic, then you will need japan to kill india asap and maybe pressure russia.  If allies are all pac, then that is more you can spend on russia.

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