Triple A G40 - Comprehensive list of currently unresolved issues

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    This thread is re: G40 only

    In the interest of helping A&A players using Triple A, and
    in the interest of hopefully improving this program in the future,

    I am posting my on-going list of Triple A issues - it’s mainly an organized list of rules (that I have found with experience) that Triple A does not currently follow correctly.  You will also see a short lettered list of issues following the numbered list

    This is not intended to be a knock on the developers of Triple A, nor do I consider it a complaint.
    This is better seen as a player’s aid, to help Triple A users to navigate the myriad of rules of G40 and to play the game as it was intended to be played.

    Also, consider this an open invitation to add your issue(s) to the list, that you have experienced.  You may post your issue here, or you can PM me, and I will add it to the list for the benefit of all, if I can confirm that it is indeed an issue.
    I also invite you to ask, if you are wondering whether Triple A is properly applying a rule but you are unsure.

    I hope this player aid can assist you in playing G40, and I hope the developers of Triple A will fix many of these issues in the future.
    Triple A is a wonderful program for A&A enthusiasts.  Many issues have been well fixed by the developers over the years, and it is currently very playable - I use it every day.  I just have to use edit mode and game notes for the issues listed (and unfortunately, sometimes have a lot of explaining to do to my opponent).  So one more time, I am not intending to criticize the developers by distributing my list - I am trying to improve the gaming experience for everyone including myself.


    Link to the list:

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    1. You should delete your previous 4 posts about this and centralize it here, in this thread.  No sense spamming the forum with the document.  And when the bugs are fixed, one by one, who will be updating each copy of your document?  Better to keep this in 1 place.

    2. You should make it very clear which games each item applies to. 
    ie: does it apply to all A&A games?  Just Global 1940 2nd Edition?
    Currently your list could be very confusing to players.  Point 1 about order of battles is valid for all known versions I think, while most of the other points are valid only for Global 1940 2nd Edition.  There are no airbases and paratroopers in Classic, Revised, AA50, etc.

    3. You should make it clear which can be solved by the user and which can’t, and what the solution is.  Perhaps use a “table” in the document with a second column for “temporary workaround”.
    For example, the solution to pt 1 is just to click the battles in the right order.

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    You haven’t even given me time to react to your similar post in the other thread.  I’m working on it.
    I need to get a mod to edit the title of this thread to specify G40
    I am considering all of your points - I will do something about your point #3

    I am not trying to spam my document (I posted it a couple times in the league thread, and I can’t delete or edit those posts, and have removed it from the KISS thread), I am only trying to help players.  Thank you for your excellent suggestions - it will only be located here in the future.

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    I have color coded the list to categorize the issues by how the players can work around them
    Just because they can be worked around does not mean they are not a problem, in my opinion.
    There are a lot of rules for G40 and there have been many changes from OOB to 2nd edition, and there is a lot of FAQ and errata.  Many players depend on Triple A to follow the rules correctly.  Every time you play with someone who doesn’t know a rule, you have to give a complete and understandable explanation as to why you are rolling dice separately on the forum, or why you are editing things.
    Veqryn, please seriously consider these issues.  Your product would be much higher quality if you would make several of the fixes identified by my list.

    Latest addition: Item 1a)
    Triple A prompts you for DOW decisions at the very beginning of your turn.  You shouldn’t have to make these decisions until after purchases and, more importantly, after tech rolls.  DOW’s are made at the beginning of the combat movement phase.  Page 12, 2nd edition Europe manual, blue side bar

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    Thank you for this very interesting compendium.
    I hope this thread will be stickied soon, as it is extremely helpful for all G40-TripleA-players.
    At least for those who want to stick as close to the rules as possible.

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    Hey Gamer, my suggestion would be to make this a google doc just like you did with the rankings spreadsheet – that’s been working great!

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    Brilliant - hadn’t occurred to me - thanks

    Again, here is the link:

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    Also, I have an addition to the list.  When ANZAC planes are on U.S. carriers, I have been having very strange attacking results.  For example, I sent an artillery into New Britain, along with 5 fighters and 3 tacs (all ANZAC) during combat movement – all 8 planes were on U.S. carriers (and only U.S. carriers were present in the sea space from where the planes were launched along with a few other U.S. boats).  When the combat was actually rolled, the planes were completely ignored.  After combat, they were still on the space (New Britain) to be moved during non-combat.

    This has also been true of sea battles.  One battle in particular, I moved the U.S. carriers carrying the planes into a space with a Japanese transport.  During the ANZAC combat phase, the planes did not attack the transport even when moved a space and back to the space with the transport.  This was also true when attacking a Japanese Battleship with an ANZAC sub and planes from the U.S. carriers – only the sub rolled.

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    And you are quite welcome!

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    Re: ANZAC planes on USA carriers

    Hmm… I’ve never observed that yet…
    My list focuses mainly on rules that Triple A doesn’t correctly apply (like convoy damage to China, rocket attacks conducted at the wrong time, 1 at a time instead of all together, and not allowing to target same facility with multiple rockets etc)

    I would suggest that you post that one as a bug report at and upload save file(s) for them to examine

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    1. Make sure you are playing with the LATEST version of TripleA.

    2. Make sure you keep a savegame and upload it somewhere.  Best case: you have both a “before” and an “after” savegames, and upload them both (ideally to the sourceforge bug list).

    I haven’t heard or seen of anything like that happening, so unless you have some savegames to show, I can’t really do anything about it.

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    Hi Veqryn,

    The game thread in questions can be found here:

    The rounds in question are ANZAC 8 and ANZAC 9, respectively.  You can see in the history of the save that the dice were not rolled.  I gave the link to our league game above so that if any before/after saves are needed in various places that you have access to each and every save (the game is still being played) there.

    I have attached the most recent save.  We have been playing in, the most updated version at the time that we started the game.

    Sorry that I don’t have time to find the sourceforge bug list – if you can forward this I would really appreciate it.  Thanks!

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    there appears to be an issue where if you have allied fighters on an owned carrier, and you attack with that carrier, the fighters on it will correctly not participate in the battle (because they are allied cargo), but will sometimes incorrectly stop participating in all battles for the rest of the game (afaik)

    solution for now: if you ever attack with a carrier that has allied air cargo, after all battles are done (or at the end of the turn) use edit mode to delete and replace the allied fighters.

    this bug only affects allied air cargo that have previously been cargo during an attack.  this in itself is pretty rare, which is probably why noone has encountered it yet besides you.

    i made a note to fix it

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    Good to know - thanks, Dizz!

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    this in itself is pretty rare, which is probably why no one has encountered it yet besides you.

    The above is a perfect description of my Allied strategy….  😮 😄

    Thanks, Veqryn, and yw Gamer!  😉

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    This is not really an ISSUE but it should be addressed:

    On some screens at least, the ANZAC colors are virtually identical to the American ones.  Perhaps we can switch ANZAC and Italian colors to differentiate better (you know, like how Battlemap has had the colors for these two nations since these two nations existed?)  A little tired of seeing those American ships break off from the fleet after Italy’s turn and attack me. lol

    Secondly, that battle calculator is absolute cr@p.  Excuse my Italian mouth there, but seriously, I keep getting odds back that are off significantly from what I am seeing.  I thought maybe it was just me or that maybe I missed a piece here or there that ended up attacking me, but I’ve confirmed that on the offense that calculator is off by a couple dozen percentage points in medium sized battles - compared to actual results and compared to calculators that have been proven over the past few years as accurate.

    Also, a way to fix a combat move would be great.  You know, when the game seems to think you said BOMB and you actually punched ATTACK for your planes?  ATM I just nuke the entire file and start it over from that nation’s point of view, but that too leads to mistakes as you may misremember an attack or just straight up forget one in the frustration of redoing the round up to combat movement phase just because tripleA screwed up and sent your pilots on an SBR instead of supporting your ground troops.

    So there’s my current wish list.  As for now, I’m going back to real battle calculators, ones that I have seen evidence of being accurate in their results.

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    Thanks for posting your issues, Jenn,

    I didn’t trust the calculator in Triple A for awhile, but I have found that it actually always gives reliable results that match my main calculator that I trust.

    I have never heard anyone else complain about the Triple A calculator, so, I think it’s logical to ask you for an example battle or 3 that we can both run and compare results, and you can explain in detail what the problem is.

    Thanks in advance.

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    As far as ANZ units (especially destroyers and cruisers - the subs look different than USA’s, I believe),
    that really irritated me at first too, so I know exactly what you mean.

    It’s no longer a problem for me.  I think it’s because I developed the habit of mousing over the sea zones in the Pacific (when not sure of the composition) with the “territory” tab on.  When you do this, you can look to the right side and see the insignia with each ship(s).  It hasn’t bothered me for quite awhile now.

    Yes, it would be ideal if Veq would change the ANZ color.  But you learn to adapt, and the issue goes away.
    Kind of like with my list.  I learn how to deal with all these issues and they’re really not so bad.  Now of course I wish Veqryn would just get them all fixed, but I don’t know what a big job that is, and I think he’s been real busy in RL……

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    I still want the colors switched back to battlemap colors. 😛  It just makes sense to make it as unconfusing as possible.

    The tripleA calculator gave me 93% odds, frood and dskelly gave me 72% odds for a major battle.  TripleA also speculated that 18 inf vs 7 inf would result in 4 or 5 inf remaining for the attacker - frood and dskelly giggled and said 14 remaining infantry (result was 16 for the record.)  That’s two major strikes for me against tripleA’s calculator and that program has NEVER been on my love it list to start with.  But whatever, this season, for me, is all about learning the game and different ways to do things, next year is the year I plan to be #1 in league. lol!

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    Like I said in the other thread, I ran that infantry battle in Triple A and got the correct predicted result.

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    I’ll just go back to Frood and use DSKelly to deal with naval combat situations that Frood cannot readily handle due to not supporting things like 2 hit carriers, etc.

    It’s a win win for me. 😛

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    You can easily replace the ANZAC unit pictures with others.

    Heck, I just might get on that for myself now that I think of it. Easy change.
    If I do get on with that, I guess I’ll share it. I don’t think I’d do more than just a simple color change.

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    In battlemap if you changed colors it only effected yourself.  I assume you could take the sprites from Italy and make them ANZAC and the ANZAC and make them Italian, just not sure if that would screw up anything else in the game.

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    Sounds good - let us know please, tard

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    Yeah, you can easily copy and paste the pictures from the Italy & ANZAC folders and then switch them up. But since you both say you’ve had problems with distinguishing ANZAC units from USA, then I guess giving Italy ANZAC’s units might not be the best idea. But certainly the easiest to do.

    Think I’ll do a “dark tan” as the rule book calls it for ANZAC.

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