• I have bought this A&A after 8 years of A&A Revised, where I play starting the game with 8 IPCs for new units for each axis nations;
    does this version needs something like that or is it balanced?

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    The Allies need help in this one.
    Most give about 10 IPCs to the Allied player( shared amongst the 3 nations how he sees fit).

  • 10 is excessive IMHO.  While I prefer NOT to play with one as the Allies, the only thing I could think of is an extra inf in Caucus.

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    Thanks Mallery. You have played more than me.
    I remember people saying it was too easy for the Axis when it first came out.

  • Axis will probably still win, but I don’t like playing with a bid, especially on the 10 side…that is very heavy and very unnecessary.

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    I suppose the point is: if one player is much better than the other, make sure they play the Allies. If both players are the same level, give the Allies one or two units( not 10 IPCs worth though).
    Hope we have helped Pano.

  • yes, thank you very much;
    it’s obvious that there are differente visions about this importan thing, and the only solution is to try…
    I have find also a thread in harrisgamedesign about this (but I cannot post the link)

  • I find it unbalanced too. I have played 6 or 7 games so far all won by Axis. Players of same level switching sides from game to game. We tried different stuff with Allies and nothing worked.

    • UK more than often don’t get a lot of money to buy naval units, thus getting killed by german fighters whenever trying to put naval in UK. Also India is hard to keep.

    • US takes forever to come help Russia or England with strong enough troops in Europe. You basically see them coming…

    • Russia got 2 IC’s taken pretty early…

    Anyone got a strategy idea for allies ?

  • After playing the original A&A over 10 years ago, a friend and I just got back on the horse with the Spring 1942 2nd edition.  😄

    We love the new rules (Strat Bombing for example) and feel it’s more “clean” than the first version.

    Unfortunately, the game is unbalanced in the other way this time. Axis needed a bit of help (with a 6-8 bid for Axis getting it done.) But in this version, the Allies are in the deep end this time. We’re pretty much of the same calibre and after 4 games (alternating sides), Axis are CRUSHING the Allies… Japan is WAAAY to strong buy the end of turn 3, and there’s no way to build a lasting fleet in the Atlantic that can really push Germans back from Russia.

    We also notice that Karelia is unsustainable for the Russian, even in the first turn. With Archangel creating a gap from Moscow, you can’t send reinforcements to help keep it. Caucasus is 2 turns from being crushed.

    Is a bid the way to go again?

  • I think a 9 bid is most fair, but you can’t allow brittain to bid a sub. I like the idea of 9 split between the three countries.

  • We just tried with a bid (11 for Allies: 1 UK Destroyer in SZ 7, 1 RUS Inf in Karelia S.S.R.), and even though the game lasted longer this time, it wasn’t even close to a tie… And the dices were not even on the Axis side (4 times the AA downed the Axis bombers on StratBombing)

    Is there an example of a game in the forum where the Allies won?

    Please, we need to see it happen  :?

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    I played with my friends last week and although we didn’t finish the game, it is possibly Allies would win.  By the end of the last turn, Japan was losing stream and Germany was sandwiched by British and Russia.  Africa was in US’s hand.  That felt good :mrgreen:

  • Are there any games posted online where the Allies have actually won without a bid?  Or even with a bid?

    I just recently got 1942.2 and the few games I played the Axis steamrolled the Allies every time.  Russia is just too weak and USA can’t get in the fight quick enough to matter.

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    @ IdaRed…
    here’s a game where the allies won on round 16 with no bid


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    @captain walker

    Just curious…in your playing experience what is your though on 42 2E balance?  Is it necessary to have bid?

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    I feel that 42 2e is  balanced. When playing with experienced players I don’t think a bid is necessary.

  • Do you think the optional rules, interceptors and Black Sea straits, helps one side or the other in any significant way?

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    I’m not familiar with the Black Sea strait rule, but I have played with the interceptor option. That rule seems to reduce the chance of SBR’s…but I don’t think if favors any side.

  • It’s one of the two optional rules in the 2e rulebook.  Interceptors being one and this being the other.  No naval units may move into or out of SZ16 (Black Sea) aka Turkish neutrality.  I think that would boost the allies a little since it keeps germany from doing and amphibious assault on CAUCASUS.

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    I’ve never used that optional rule. It would help Germany in the early rounds of the game but usually the US/UK take out the bb and tranny as soon as they are able to do so…the UK can take those out in the first round if they really want to.

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    IMHO the Black Sea straits rule would help Russian by taking some heat off from Caucasus as Germany no longer able to use transport to support additional troops to attack.

  • Is there already an established bidding procedure for 1942 2nd?

    What do you think about this one:

    People are bidding for the axis granting IPCs to the player how takes allies. The player how is ready to take the allies for the lowest amount of IPC plays the allies. The allies can use this number if IPCs to buy extra units before turn one starts.
    These extra IPCs can be split between Russia, UK and US as the allies prefer. They can purchase what ever units they want and place them in any territory which already contains at least one unit of the respective nation.

    This would grant maximum flexibility and different strategies can be tested by the allies. Like fortifying India, increasing the fleet on the US east cost, increase the egypt units. What do you think about this suggestion?

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    Hi Josn. That is generally what happens here on the forum when people play on line.
    It does work and makes every game potentially different.
    Do you and your group find the Axis generally win?

  • Unfortunately I do not really have a group and can only play once in a while. Sometimes I kind of play against myself to test strategies.

    And yes, I do see not way how to win with the allies.

    Usually India falls to JP by round 3 or 4. Afterwards africa goes also to Japan. Germany pressures Russia hard turns 1 to 3 but Russia survives keeping West Russia and Caucasus but loosing almost everything else and especially a lot of units. Americans land earliest in round 3 in France. By  that time Germany simply goes totally into defense stacking germany and Italy. Japan takes over to pressure Russia and usually takes it within a couple of rounds producing tanks and infanterie in India. American support for Europe is too little to late. Thats how my games usually go.

    I was wondering whether KJP might be more feasible in this version than KGF. G1 german atlantic massacre is massive and leaves the UK without a single ship in all the atlantic, making it also impossibe to quickly rebuild the fleet. So germany can totally empty all western europe, germany, italy ect the first three round and throw everything against Russia.

    And once that Japan sees that the US pacific fleets go to europe Japan can also go all offensive sending a orange wall to roll up Asia pretty fast.

    Maybe I need to play some other people to get some new insights into how to play Allies more effectifly???

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    If you have time you could join AAA on this forum and play others here.
    I played 4 games of it against an opponent here, so am a bit exhausted of it, but someone will play you.
    The one time I was beaten as the Axis, my friend did all KJF.
    Maybe it is the only way.
    Good luck.

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