Looking to buy table tactics New World Order

  • I am looking to aquire table tactics “New World Order” set.  I am looking for both the editions (some have different colors).  Any one who is willing to sell these or knows somewhere I can find them would be appreciated.  I have checked board game geek, table tactics site, and ebay.

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    I have a set of those, don’t know much about it.  I got it in a lot of other games I bought.

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    The HBG German site has some singles. I honestly wish you a lot of luck. These pieces were actually pretty cool and I consider myself lucky to have them. If you’re willing to do some painting you may be able to find sufficient substitutes on shapeways.com.

    I’m thinking fair play games just might have a few sets left.

  • Ok well I found enough to make my game playable.

    I am typing this out for people in the future who want to make a similar game. (I was making a modern day Iran, Syria, Lebanon Map, Israel, Saudi, Sudan, Egypt, Turkey ETC)

    1.  Fighter Jets were easy, I went on Shapeways and typed in 1/700 scale in the search bar, they have tons of designs, including F-15, Eurofighter, and SU-37 which looks close enough to other SU series that it is acceptable.
    2.  I got a old copy of Fortress America and also a New Copy of Fortress America (there are two diff versions)
    3.  I ordered the Rockets and Nuclear Subs from Historical Board Gaming, along with many of the Axis minors and ships that were red.  I had to repaint some of the Subs and Rockets (cruise missiles for me), these took multiple coats but came out great.
    4.  I had base units from Axis and Allies Europe and Axis and Allies Pacific.
    5.  OrderChips, Lots of Chips.  I kind of need to order more =P
    6.  Here is the hard part, finding the Table Tactics stuff so your teams can have modern looking Abrams for the western powers, hovercraft, helicopters, apcs, (Fortress America has some helicopters and APC), and most importantly Self-Propelled Artillery.

    You can do two things.  1 is try to acquire the table tactics game New World Order, which is hard and I didnt do.  2 is you can acquire risk 2042, which has all the units except the Jet and pieces were clearly of the same run.  This is also sort of rare, I got some Italian dude to ship it too me but it definitely is the same units.  There are multiple runs of color so ask first.

    If you do this you should come out with a fully functional Tan Army (Brits Army color) , a Fully Functional Dark Army (Germany color), a fully functional Green Army (America color), a fully functional Dark Brown Army (Russia), and a Fully functional Red Army (Pacific 2001 Red Japan color).  Also if you need to add a color then add Dark Blue, it is easy to match the paint color on that and the French ships from WW1 match them.  You can add in axis minors as needed too.

    The End.

    Thanks to all that replied.

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    Here is the hard part, finding the Table Tactics stuff so your teams can have modern looking Abrams for the western powers

    HBG sells Abrams-style tanks:


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