• Hi guys, I have any questions about the game (I have seen rules and FAQ but I have not found an answer)  :-(:

    1. UK national advantages (colonial garrison): begin the game with one IC in ANY tan territory; my native languages is not english, so I don’t understand if in this case, ANY stay for “ALL” or for “ONE”; this additional IC works like all other IC? if it is captured can be used?

    2. submarine: an enemy attack my fleet without destroyers, a my submarine submerge after first cycle and he wins the battle; and the end of his NCM my submarine resurfaces (is it correct?? :D) where there are his surviving ships; when I start my CM, have I to fight or can move it?

    3. if at the end of my turn, I mobilize my new naval units in a naval zone, adjacent an IC, where there are enemy’s naval units, at the start of his CM, have we to fight, or can he moves his ships?

    4. can a land unit move before take on board?

    5. in my CM, can I move my AC in such a way that the airplanes on board can take off and attack? how much they can move again? 4 or 2?

    thanks  😄

  • Official Q&A

    1)  Any one territory of your choice (that doesn’t already have one, of course).  It works like any other IC.

    2)  Your sub must either fight or move away in combat movement.

    3)  His ships must either fight or move away in combat movement.

    4)  No, nor after being offloaded.

    5).  Fighters launch before their carrier moves, so they both begin their movement in the same sea zone.  Likewise, fighters land after their carrier moves, so they must both end their movement in the same sea zone.

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