The Duke of Monmouth executed today in 1685\.

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    15th July 1685, 9 days after he was defeated at the battle of Sedgemoor, James, the  Duke of Monmouth was executed.
    He was born the illegitimate son of Charles II of England, but was not crowned King. His uncle, the Catholic, James II was. Forced to flee,he landed in England, after his exile by his uncle. Despite raising an army of 7000 he was defeated in Somerset, by the future Duke of Marlborough, John Churchill. He was captured and although asking for mercy, received none. He was 36 years of age.
    His execution was botched. His head was severed on the fourth attempt.
    Sedgemoor was the last battle fought in English(not Scottish soil).

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    I think it was easy for another to bribe the executioner to make  a mess of things so the victim suffered.

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