Forgotten battle of Kapyon (Korean War)

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    Epic Commonwealth Battle I’d never heard of…  several hundred Anzac, New Zealand, and Canadian troops hold off some 10,000 Chinese attackers.

    They were the only line of defense between the Chinese and Seoul.

    Really enjoyed this video.

    I’ll sum it up with a chilling quote from one of the Australian commanders at the battle (Starts at 19:48 in the video)

    "We had no wire, or antipersonnel mines; or anything else to interparge between attacker and defender…  It was to be soldier against soldier, at very close range, in the dark

    It started in earnest with the Chinese blowing bugles and whistles, they used these to assemble their men.  When the bugles and whistles stopped… we knew they were on their way."

    And I have to post these quotes as well…

    “They just kept coming at ye… ain’t no stopping, they just kept coming.”

    “I think at one stage of the game we were given an order… fire until ordered to stop.  So well we just you know… went hell for leather and got away as many as we could.”  ~Artillery.

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    Had no idea of that battle, so thank you.
    Very surprised to hear a Battalion of the Glosters was all but annihilated fighting prior to the battle you mention.

  • Thank you for the information. Korean War is truly the forgotten war.

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