• @Lozmoid:


    Maybe there should be no collapses until turn 3 this would alleviate Italy bowing out so early. Same with Ottomans. It would also represent these countries after a few years of war if they are losing giving up on the effort which was historically accurate.

    That’s a good idea, I like it.

    I like it. Great idea, except maybe from turn 4.

  • Customizer

    Remove restrictions on transport through friendly tt, thus making it easier for powers to send troops to aid their weaker allies.

    An alliance is only as strong as it’s weakest member…

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Why don’t we just take all the starting units on the board, move the to the battle board, and roll for both sides as an “attacker”.

    Probably get the same result minus the 4 hours of playing time.

  • Customizer

    That’s what they did in playtesting.

    Its how they managed to get an even number of Axis wins.

  • @Frontovik:

    cause of death: unbalanced gameplay

    and most answers try to show how to balance the game… isn’t it a general problem? (was the same with 1940, so many changes with new Alpharules and then finally 2nd Ed., and also 1941 needed official changes, and also if you look at computergames and so on…)

    How to solve the problem: don’t buy unfinished products and don’t pay to be a Beta-Tester, wait till a finished product is released (like the 1940 2nd Edition games). As long as people pay good money for unfinished products, as long will the companys save money and not pay themselves for final testing and correcting errors…

  • @Flashman:

    That’s what they did in playtesting.

    Its how they managed to get an even number of Axis wins.

    not really, cause there are more allied troops aswell (if included the minor countries)

  • It’s possible that with the long nature of these games (1914, Pacific 1940 etc) that is is harder to fully play test them. Let’s not forget that there are literally hundreds of units on the board, so adjusting each ones cost, movement, attack, defense and such takes a lot of time……

    However, this game is so allied heavy, you do start to wonder if WOTC just moved the date of release up an extra year!  :? Just saying, it’s probably harder than it looks…

    See ya,

  • Am I really playing against people who are so incompetent that I’ve managed a win twice as the Centrals?

    This second play through with L-H tournament rules and political collapse (we don’t use the economic one) made it even more of a resounding success. What are the allies doing so wrong in my games that causes them to lose.

  • I think standard play is smashing Russia first, then working on Paris after that.  What is your overall strategy as the Axis?

  • @MistuhJay:

    I think standard play is smashing Russia first, then working on Paris after that.  What is your overall strategy as the Axis?

    In most games the Germans focus on the French while sending just enough to keep Poland contested, usually with Austrian help. The real problem for the allies is keeping the Germans from massing a massive stack of artillery with air superiority in Picardy by turn four. I usually wind up with between 15 to 20 arty concentrated on the western front and it just becomes a matter of keeping enough troops to take casualties long enough to wear the French down.

  • The one Kill France first game I saw, UK pretty much helped France survive until the Americans arrived. Meanwhile, Russia became a beast while Austria got bogged down trying to destroy Italy. Eventually, we called the game after it became apparent Germany wasn’t making any headway on Paris.

  • That’s funny because in my games, Russia usually gets bogged down trying to keep the Austrians held up in Romania, most of their man power reserves go there and Poland. I find that Germany can usually play for time with Russia in this instance, as she can send just enough troops to Poland to force the Russians to split their forces between there and Romania and the galician front to prevent them from becoming too much of a threat.

    The British I find have it pretty had as well as they need to split their income between keeping France alive and fighting the Turks. I’ve done the UK1 move of invading through Persia twice and it actually works pretty well. However with the advent of the tournament rules that allow land units to move 2 though friendly tt’s allows the Turks to build a credible defense, so that will need to be overcome

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    I find it funny that so many people claim imbalance on the Allies side when I’ve seen just as many people talking about dominating as the CP’s. I know anecdotes don’t necessarily imply data, but c’mon. I’ve personally won twice as the Central Powers.

    I think one of the problems with people’s perception is that (pre-tournament rules, I have yet to try them out) the game is slow and goes for so long that eventually one side just gives up, and this doesn’t give an accurate representation of whether the game is balanced or not.

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