• Ok guys, hi, I am new here, (not from the U.S.) but have played 2004 and 2009 version earlier. I like 2012 version the most.

    This is basically a thread for alternative opening strategies (1st and 2nd turn).

    I haven’t been looking much for different strategies here, but here is some brainstorming; feel free to add and comment.

    Russia1 - what to buy? 24 IPC

    1. 8 INF
    2. 4 INF+2 ARM
    3. 4 INF+3 ART

    Germany1 - what to buy? 41 IPC
    Many possibilities here, most of it going towards ground units I believe.

    1. 11 INF+2 ART
    2. 9 INF+2 ARM+1 ART
    3. 9 INF+1 ART+1 FTR

    UK1 - what to buy? 30 IPC
    Also, many possibilities here, depends on the strategy. I would build 3 units in India, and save the rest for the fleet on the UK, total of 51 or 52 for UK2 if I take New Guinea. Or all in on India, and nothing outside UK.

    1. 3 INF on India + save 21 IPC
    2. 3 FTR on India + get 1 INF and 1 ART from Egypt back to India.

    This is some thoughts,. will try to fill in more,. 🙂

  • You are leaving out a very important factor. The allies get a bid. I’d say a fair bid is 8-11.

  • My standard Allies is 4inf/2tanks for Russia.  Have to kill WRus, and cripple/defeat Ukraine, and support the FTR in Egypt.

    My standard UK is 2inf/art for India, and 2 FTR for London.  This is regardless of what Germany buys.

    As for a German buy, I choose not to stick to anything, because it always depends on Russia’s buy and attacks.

  • Don’t forget that UK starts with 31, not 30 as explained in the rules errata


    Axis & Allies 1942, 2nd Edition, FAQ
    November 9, 2012

    Page 6

    Combat Forces:
    Germany�s Starting Income should be “41”, and the United Kingdom’s Starting Income should be “31”.

  • '19 '18 '17 '16 '15

    I haven’t played Germany much but it seems to me buying a Aircraft Carrier at the 1st turn is also a good idea.  This way I can land my fighters there and generate a threat to British or Africa (depending on where you place)

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