Non combat moves through territory you just conquered.

  • This isn’t as dumb as a question as one might think.

    Think the ocean not land before you respond to this post please.

    US fleet is off the coast of Gibraltar, on the west side. Italy has one destroyer blocking their passage. US takes out the destroyer with one sub and one plane and destroys it. On the non-combat movement phase, can it then move through that space into the sea zone just south of France. Since the sea zone is not occupied and does not have an enemies control marker on it, it is not a combat move. Unlike on land where if you did that, it would be another combat move.

    I guess the question could apply to land. If I take an enemy territory, can I then move through that territory during non combat movement to reinforce a friendly territory. The answer to that is obviously yes, so I think I just answered my question.

    Am I missing something???

  • Customizer

    No, you are not missing anything. That is a perfectly legal move. I am assuming that the Allies still control Gibraltar, right?

    In fact, in your example, since Gibraltar has a friendly naval base (assuming it hasn’t been bombed), the US fleet could go all the way to Sea Zone 95 and park right next to Italy if Italy had no ships there OR they just had submarines and/or transports. Even if Italy had fighters on their air base, they couldn’t scramble because it is the US NON-combat move.

    You can basically move your ships to any sea zone you want as long as there are no enemy surface warships blocking your way, or as in your example you have cleared any enemy warships.
    Of course, that US submarine would have to remain in the sea zone just east of Gibraltar since it moved in the combat movement.

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