Azrael's arctic/baltic ice + icebreaker rules

  • Ice sheet/floe /iceberg rules:  Use either instead or in addition to schoals/islands etc.  Place evenly either as scarce or generous as you like.

    Limiting sides to 1 icebreaker each per 100 pts if playing without much ice or icefree objectives is good balance of facing the hazard of ice and having a little bit of protection.

    If playing with a bunch of ice including ice covered objectives probably 2-3 icebreakers per 100 pts would work well in balance.

    Having 2 forms of ice adds to variety and can work

    Iceberg: (use island terrain from starter or litko token) works exactly like a regular island would the icebreaker CANT move through it.  Adjacent sectors are treated like mines.

    Ice sheet: works just like a schoal(use schoal from starter or litko ice floe tokens) except torps can’t go though it, sectors adjacent to it are treated like they have mines.  The icebreaker can escort ships through ice floes at speed 1.

    Icebreakers:  In lieu of current icebreakers use aux’s as icebreakers.

    Ice breakers don’t take ice damage adjacent to ice sectors and protect friendly ships/subs in the same sector from ice damage.

    Icebreakers have close escort and may escort friendly ships/subs onto or through sectors with ice without hazard.

    Icebreakers are limited to speed1 while protecting themselves and other units from ice damage rolls, units that ignore this are subject to ice rolls.

    Icebreakers  may  not be attacked until at least one other friendly ship in  their sector has been .

    Units whose icebreaker gets sunk are stranded if on an ice sector until a friendly icebreaker can come rescue them but may still fire normally.

    If mines are laid adjacent to ice , the effects stack and both rolls must be made.

    Using icebreakers you may in your game want to cover some objectives in ice for fun.


    My original post regarding this

    One element of WW2 units that haven’t shown up yet in WAS is the icebreaker something that was frequently used in the baltic/arctic theater.

    Which means a couple things among which we need a proper icesheet mechanic for the game rather then the typical schoals if you happen to use the litko ice tokens. � Perhaps schoal like mechanic but mtb’s can’t move over them (the ice is impassable, but � does it block Los? ) and moving adjacent to the ice sheets you risk hull damage like mines.

    Then you need Icebreakers who can interact with the icesheets in the game, perhaps like mine sweepers where on a 3 or more (something like that) it can remove a sector of ice. � Or what I like best perhaps something less outright where an icebreaker can escort another unit through the ice sectors.

    Then you may want Icebreakers to have a more abstract function in the context of a WAS match in the form of Sa’s. � Perhaps forward deploying with a smaller unit even such as a sub and allowing it to fire on turn 1 (icebreakers cleared paths for subs). � Or allowing forward deployed units to grab objectives on turn 2 (as opposed to turn 3) if with an icebreaker to abstractly represent the icebreaker clearing the way to the objective, forward deployed units are usually target practice and lots of units can grab objectives on turn 2 and this could still be contested easily on turn 2 if not outright destroyed so it makes a SA of sometimes limited use (forward deployed ships) a tad more useful.

    And for the Ice breaker I would like to see the most
    Predreadnought Battleship Hessen converted to Icebreaker/target ship in ww2. � Adds more variety to the game which is great and more surface ships for Germany which is always nice you could even use holstein as a proxy.

    converted to a icebreaker/target ship

    in its former life as a battleship

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