6th July 1535: More meets his maker

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    : Sir Thomas More was beheaded today in 1535 on Tower Hill, because he stood up to his king, Henry VIII.
    He had been Henry’s Lord Chancellor and was a writer and humanist philosopher. He was also a fervent catholic and died because he refused to countenance Henry’s remarriage to Anne Boleyn, instead he would not take the oath required by the 1st Succession Act. He believed his wife was still Catherine of Aragon and refused to attend his second wedding.
    The trial was foregone conclusion as Henry wanted his death. It was ensured when three of the judges appointed were Anne Boleyn’s father, brother and uncle. He was condemned on the hearsay of an obsequious, ladder climbing low birth minor gentleman, by the name of Richard Riche.
    He died magnanimously, tying his own blindfold and saying to the guard: “See me safe up, and for my coming down let me shift for myself.”
    He also brushed aside his beard when on the block, explaining his beard had never committed treason. He was 57 and England lost a great man and  noble spirit when its King took him.
    The scoundrel Richard Riche died old and wealthy in his bed.

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    The scoundrel Richard Riche died old and wealthy in his bed.

    What a bad-ass…

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    Absolutely loved Thomas More! I have to dumb it down a notch and ask ole’ Henry though….Whatever happened to bro’s before hoes? LOL sorry Witt. My blue collar knowledge of Tudor history is lacking but passionate.

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    That’s fine by me Toblerone.  Thank you for reading.
    Henry was a bastard tyrant, with no loyalties, other than to himself.
    Not my favourite English monarch.

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    More deserved much worse.

    He burned people alive for being courageous enough to call the Pope a git.

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