• Dear All,
    My friends and I are looking for suggestions on how help out the Allies in Spring 1942 Second Edition.
    Has anyone experimented with changing the setup (not with bids, but with concrete placement changes)?
    We are considering adding pieces to the US in China, moving the US cruiser from the Panama Canal to
    the eastern seaboard (SZ11), giving Russian a few more pieces east and west, and maybe giving the
    British a submarine in the Indian Ocean.
    Any other thoughts or suggestions about the setup balance of this particular version of this game?
    Thank you for your help,

  • Here are some things we like to do:

    1. Game starts in Spring '42, Germany didn’t have Panthers on frontlines until '43.  So all German panzer units at setup are assumed to be Mark III’s and IV’s with attack/defend of 2/2, to represent the T-34’s superiority.  These panzers cost 6 IPC. Panthers not available until Turn 2-4 and cost bumped up to 8 or 9 IPC.  We use Mark III panzer miniatures from HBG, but probably not necessary if you track the units.

    2. We use self-propelled anti tank units.  These are cheaper than tank units (5 IPC), but with attack/defend of 2/3.  It’s the cheapest next alternative for defensive units besides infantry and artillery, and gains a 3 versus 2 defense. These help Russia in particular…Brits Indian factory can send these to Caucasus.  We use SPAT miniatures from HBG.

    3. Japanese Type 95 light tanks are attack/defend of 2/2, since every other countries’ medium tanks are 3/3 (with exception of German Mark III/IV if you use idea #1 above).

    4. Damaged battleships must repair at naval bases. This will help reduce the Japanese’s navy’s effectiveness.

  • I’d say you need to add a UK infantry to Egypt at least. I like the cruiser going to the eastern seaboard giving Russia another infantry in the far east, and giving China 1 more infantry might be enough, and these changes wouldn’t affect the first turn too greatly.

  • Add another destroyer for the States in sea zone 11.  I believe that should bring it close to balanced.  This will allow the 2 transports to survive putting a lot more pressure on Germany earlier in the game.

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