Japan taking Australia

  • I’ve fieldtested this strategy once. By myself. It was an experiment. I wondered how
    Japan would have done if they executed a plan to invade Australia from the get-go.

    So, on my first turn I mobilized all my planes navy for marinas, and continued south on my second turn. I had some minor naval forces take the oil-laden regions of dutch east indies unopposed(Borneo first). On my third then I unleashed an invasion of Australia from multiple fronts, beginning with amphibeus assault on Northern Australia and queensland. From there I was able to use tactical bombers to render Melbourne’s minor industrial complex inoperable.

    So, how what do you think? I am also wondering if Japan threw their entire navy at Australia early on then maybe Britain and Australia wouldn’t be prepared, so perhaps an invasion of Australia in real life could have been plausible and probable.

    To make it more realistic, I had placed australian forces in Dutch New Guinuea and New Guinuea by second turn because I felt Australians would have been expecting a land invasion there first rather than on their continent. I also attempted to have them protect australian coast but Japanese bypassed their navy.

  • I only see the scenario of Japan taking Australia if it is done early on (by third or fourth turn) otherwise it becomes too difficult due to Australia and Britain’s defenses of the island being too strong, therefore warding off the possibility of an invasion.

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    Taking Australia is all about Bankrupting Australia.

    Take away their NO’s, get subs into the convoy zones, and land more troops than they can produce.

    Usually this is done -after- India/China have capitulated.

  • Depends alot on how the US is playing.

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    Like Gargantua said, I have only seen Australia successfully taken by Japan after India and China were taken care of. A couple of times I have seen Japan try taking Sydney early and even if they are successful it usually ends up bad for Japan because they lose too much ground to India and China or the US fleet gives them too much trouble.
    However, if it is done right, I could imagine a scenario where Japan captures Sydney early and get the win. It would take Japan less resources to take Sydney early rather than later on after ANZAC had more time to build up forces. If they could KEEP Sydney, it might be easier for them to snatch up Manila, Hong Kong and Calcutta for the win.


    From there I was able to use tactical bombers to render Melbourne’s minor industrial complex inoperable.

    This is a flaw in your plan. Tactical bombers can only bomb air bases and naval bases, NOT industrial complexes. You can only use strategic bombers to hit industrial complexes.

  • There IS a viable route to taking Australia, but it requires some serious planning that generally incorporates trading economic gains in Asia and the DEI with a Moscow content on not DOWing on you.

    I’ve pulled off taking Hawaii on J2, Sydney and Flip on J4, but it felt more like luck than anything else.

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    –Taking Australia is all about Bankrupting Australia.
    –Take away their NO’s, get subs into the convoy zones, and land more troops than they can produce.
    –Usually this is done -after- India/China have capitulated.

    ––I’d say,…YES, it’s possible to subjugate the entire Anzac command.
    ----But, like Gar has said, you should weigh all of the pros and cons first:

    –By DOW against Anzac you also bring UK-Pacific and America into the conflict immediately thus allowing UK-Pacific to assist China in it’s struggle for survival.
    –Also, you loose the 10 IPC NO for not being at war with UK-Pac, Anzac, & having not entered F.I.C.
    –Also, you allow China to attain it’s NO of keeping the road open(with UK-Pac help). IMHO the bonuses YOU ATTAIN and the bonuses you DENY YOUR ENEMY usually add up to the difference in who wins the victory.
    –I don’t mean to state the obvious,…and I absolutely love entirely new strategies,…but IMHO it’s an easier win to NOT DOW while beating up China and the road while building your forces to take Hong Kong, Phillipines, the Dutch East Indies, and eventually India.

    ----Just remember, It’s all about FUN, and the only thing that matters is having Fun while you WIN the game(more fun)!

    “Tall Paul”

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