• Hello Grognards.

    I was playing a game of A&A Anniversary edition v3 on Triple A when my opponent hit me with a tactic I had not seen before.

    R1: Buy 11 infantry
    Attack Finland with two inf and 4 planes.

    G1: Buy 4 bombers.

    Troops in Norway +4 more Transported from Germany attack Finland.
    Everything able attacks Novgorod.
    All tanks not able to attack Novgorod, move into Baltic States. 
    Two inf and two tanks into Western Poland.
    All Air Force land in Baltic States.
    All available subs are move to the sea zone above Eastern Germany.
    All surface navy into the sea zone bordering Leningrad.

    E1: I could see the writing on the wall, so I built surface navy.

    Landed all Air Force into Leningrad.

    Other countries: does not matter.

    R2: Built three planes and some inf

    No attacks.
    Move several infantry and all planes and tanks into Leningrad.

    G2: Bough all inf since my purchase with England was to pressure him.

    All units in Finland and Novgorod attack Leningrad.
    All Aiirforce (8 Fighters and 6 bombers) attack Leningrad.
    All tanks in Baltic State attack Leningrad
    Two inf and two tanks in Western Poland are transported into Leningrad

    …Average rolls for Germany and slightly bad rolls for Russia.
    …Leningrad falls with German troops remaining (5 inf, 3 arty, 8 tanks, 6 planes, 6 bombers).

    In retrospect I might have attacked the surface navy with my English planes, but it would not have dropped Germany’s chances of winning by to less than 90% (98% chance of success for Germany without attacking surface navy)

    What do I do to stop this?  Help!

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