• I am playing a game of Global currently and UK drove Italy out of Africa after sinking their fleet round 1.  Germany attacked G1 on Russia.  Instead of taking over Ethiopia and Italy Somaliland with UK I left them empty and waited for the Russian mech and tank that I used to take over Iraq come over.  The tank then went and took Tobruk and the Mech took Ethiopia and Italian Somaliland.  Between Iraq, Tobruk, IS, and Ethiopia Russia is getting an extra 15 IPCs each turn.  It has helped keep me in the game as this is turning into a long game.  I was even able to save Persia for UK to take to help their economy.

    Do you think the Russian’s national bonus of getting 3 IPC’s for every axis territory or pro axis territory is overpowered when you consider how double it is to get some fast Russian units down to Africa and take several provinces that are otherwise worth zero IPC’s?

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    Morning Frank.
    I think the Russian NO was changed to only include Europe, as many had concerns with this very problem.
    Ask a question about it on the Global FAQ.

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    I think the answer is working as intended.

  • Only take it away if the allies get a significant buff in response.  The axis already have the edge, don’t make it more so.  But you would also have to count that russia needs to dedicate resources down there in order to get the bonus income.  By the time it starts paying off, Germany is on the border of moscow, waiting to strike.

  • Okay I got a ruling and the Africa provinces do count for the Russian national bonus.  In the game I just completed this netted me a ton of extra IPCs and it was a very long game.  Russia did not die early because I pulled the Pacific fleet/spent 100% in Europe and attacked Germany after my opponent did a J1.  I was able to liberate France and hold it for about 6 turns and this took the heat off Russia big time.  I also had 6 USA bombers staged in France and I bombed both German major factories.  While I was causing problems for the Axis in Europe Japan killed UK Pacific, China, and took the money islands.  I then turned around and spent 100 percent in the Pacific for several rounds and was able to make sure Hawaii and Aus were not captured.  Eventually though Germany started to outmuscle the European Allies as America could no longer spend in Europe.

    So I got a ton of points for all those Italian provinces in Africa I saved for Russia and it did seem chessy to me but then again I lost the game anyway.  In the games we have been playing the Axis seem to keep winning no matter who plays which side.

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    We used a house rule to change the Russian NO because we didn’t like the idea of Russian units taking over Italian territories in Africa and getting a bonus from it. We also dis-included the Mediterranean islands like Sicily and Sardinia as well. It is strictly continental Europe.
    However, Russia can get this NO for Turkey, Sweeden, Yugoslavia and Greece if they were first occupied by an Axis power.

    This is just our house rule though. According to the “official” rules, I believe you played it right.

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    Me too. Europe only. But it would seem it is a House Rule.

  • The friend I play with is pretty strict about playing the rules as they are written.  So we probably won’t house rule it.  Although we did debate whether the Axis should set up a plan to assassinate the one mech and tank that get sent down to Africa to gobble up worthless Italian territories for huge bonuses.

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    Oh yeah, I don’t blame you for sticking to the rules then. Some people just can’t see not following the rules to the letter. It’s still a fun game even if a few of the rules don’t make practical sense.
    I remember when the new rules first came out, there was a lot of discussion about Russian strategy. Some even came up with ideas where the Russians could send a couple of infantry down, or I guess that mech or tank would work as well, and have them board a UK transport in Syria or Trans-Jordan and get taken over to walk onto Sicily and Sardinia for an extra 6 IPCs of NO money per turn.
    Do you realize that theoretically, with that special Soviet NO, if the Soviets managed to capture ALL German and Italian territories and all three Pro-Axis Neutrals, along with the Archangel NO and their own 37 IPCs in territories, the Soviets could collect 150 IPCs per turn.  Isn’t that just crazy?!?
    Soviet territory  = 37 IPCs
    German territory = 30 IPCs
    Italian territory  = 10 IPCs
    Pro Axis Neutrals =  5 IPCs
    Archangel NO      =  5 IPCs
    Axis Territory NO = 63 IPCs
    GRAND TOTAL    = 150 IPCs

    By the way, I can’t remember if they decided that Japanese territories count in this NO, or was it just for Europe and Africa.  Does anyone remember? If they get that for Japanese territories too, then the total gets even more ridiculous:
    Japanese territory = 15 IPCs
    Axis territory NO  = 18 IPCs
    Above total          = 150 IPCs

    Could you imagine the Hammer and Sickle covering Europe and spread throughout the Pacific? Doesn’t bode well for the Cold War.

  • It’s still just europe and africa.  How did you count the 15 ipcs from J A P territory?

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    It’s still just europe and africa.  How did you count the 15 ipcs from J A P territory?

    That is all the Japanese have for actual Japanese territories. The other 11 IPCs they start with are actually occupied Chinese territories.
    8 = Japan
    3 = Korea
    1 = Iwo Jima
    1 = Okinawa
    1 = Formosa
    1 = Siam
    15 = TOTAL

    By the way, thanks for clearing up the Soviet NO. I wasn’t sure if they decided against Japanese territories or not.

  • Well, its not like russia will have any chance at taking some islands.

  • In a  live game that I played, the Japanese overextended his fleet and Russia built a minor in Korea. If the Japanese fleet would have been destroyed, would have been easy to build a transport then take some Jap islands with the help of US fleet! 🙂
    But yeah the rule says, quote from book: 3 IPCs for each original German, Italian, or pro-Axis neutral territory that the Soviet Union controls. Theme: Propaganda value and spread of communism.

    So pretty straightforward rule IMO, Japan territories are excluded

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