• I have been developing a allied strategy wondering what others thought.  I never see any other players do this so wondering why? I  have gone 10-2 being allies only  loosing both games to a skilled Axis player who Blitzes HARD with Germany and Japan.

    first destroy German navy

    Basically Russia consolidates Asian forces in Yakut. then retreats everything in Europe to Russia but one infantry on Karelia and 1 one on Caucus. I even move the AA gun back to Russia just to be an A@@.  Then just buy infantry until Germany is hurting and can buy tanks.

    UK buys and moves 5 fighters to Russia ASAP and with USA help knocks Germany out of Africa ASAP.  then buys nothing but Bombers and industrial bombs Germany.

    USA helps UK get Germany out of Africa ASAP and gets 5 fighters to Russia ASAP.  then buys nothing but bombers and industrial bombs Germany.

    When Germany starts getting hurt by the industrial bombing USA starts switching to Naval Units and attacking western Europe ASAP

    So far i have found only one player who has beaten me twice but BARELY.  He is axis and with Germany he buys all tanks 1st turn then buys nothing but infantry rest of game.  Moves his army one space at a time once he reaches Caucus he starts attacking Russia but retreats before his tanks and and aircraft get hit then retreats and reinforces with a new pile of infantry and attacks and retreats over and over.

    Meanwhile with Japan he does not “Pearl Harbor”  he buys transports and infantry for 2 turns with Japan then moves his whole air force navy and some infantry and tanks and takes India.  He builds an industrial complex on India and Burma then begins buying one bomber a turn and the rest tanks he attacks Russia every turn with the tanks and Industrial bombs Russia every turn as well.  he eventually builds up about 3-5 bombers and basically removes all Russian IPC’s while Germany is like an infantry battering ram supported by tanks but the key to his victory is he retreats Germany before his tanks get killed sometimes only doing one combat roll then retreat. And moves columns of infantry one space a time from Germany the tactic is brutal.

    I beat him when my bombers basically reduce his IPC’s to like 5-20 a turn and hopefully the 10 fighters  in Russia keep Germany from breaking through. then the American navy landing on Western Europe overwhelms Germany.  Also the bombers also help when attacking Western Europe with landing infantry.  Only draw back is i have seen AA roll like 3-5 1’s which sucks but still i think the gamble is worth it rolling multiple 5’s and 6’s with industrial bombing is so devastating.

  • I think i posted in the wrong place i still play the original A&A version what is this called ?

  • '16 '15 '14 Customizer

    The original is called Axis and Allies 2nd Edition. But what you described would likely work in Spring '42 edition also!

  • I think the strategy is there and works well i win more than i loose against good axis players.  Wondering if maybe we could setup a team to test and get the timings down.  Figure out how many fighters Russia needs to survive Japanese and German non stop Blitz on Russia.  Also how many bombers are optimal to avoid purchasing too many.  I am not sure if you can have too many bombers they have dual roles to industrial bomb and to support attacking\landing infantry in Western Europe.  Figure out what turn USA needs to quit buying bombers and switch to Naval.

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