Atlanta Axis and Allies Gaming Session - June 29th

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    Axis and Allies fans, I wanted to let everyone know that our gaming group, Atlanta Axis and Allies, will be having our next gaming session on Saturday June 29th (10:00 am) at the Giga Bite Café in Marietta GA.

    Our group, as the name implies, is devoted Axis and Allies (and all of its variants) and we always welcome new players.  Whether you are a long time Axis and Allies veteran or are completely new to the series, if you enjoy strategy gaming then this group is for you!  As always our group is free to join and there is no cost to come to any game .  Check out our website:

    For Saturday’s game, we will be playing 1940 Global and I plan to have at least 2 separate games going for this meetup.  If you live in the Atlanta area and want to take part in some epic strategy gaming, feel free to stop by on June 29th:
    The Giga Bites Café

    2197 Roswell Road
    East Lake Shopping Center
    Marietta, GA

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