Looking for players in Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

  • Hey!

    Anyone would be interested in playing a game of 1914 (ou 1940/50th anniversary)? I have all the game (but you can always bring more units or chips!!), and we could meet up in a local store (my choice would be Le Valet de Coeur, near Mont-Royal métro). I was thinking of a game this Tuesday 18, or Thursday or Friday 20th-21st

    About us :
    Me : Grad student in Philosophy, looking for a job as a teacher in a college

    My friend #1 : PHD student in Ancient history (Roman/Byzantine empire)

    Friend #2 (currently in Ottawa, but will come to Montreal from time to time) : completed a degree in Linguistic, last year in Law School

    Friend #3 : grad in Philosophy, work as a teacher, college level.

    • other friends who are university students (Graduate or PHD), some already found a job. We can speak English, but French is preferred for the friendly insults and other historical jokes 🙂

  • '12


    drop me a line next time you’re looking. I’m at raymond@fifteen.ca, live near Sherbrooke Metro, and usually pretty game.


  • Omega…you can reach our club. Send me an perso email.

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