Navy's unrealisticly expensive

  • Well I am truly surprise there isn’t any more support for making Navy’s cheaper. To be fair, they have been already made cheaper from the days of $24 Battleships and $16 Carriers and $12 Planes. But to build even a small diverse Navy eats up so much of your resources compared to what you can buy with land troops, I really think going cheaper would be good.

    Now an alternative idea, even a realistic one, would be to require at least $10 IPC’s to be spent on their Pacific complex in the form of ships, to represent their Naval Shipyards. If they don’t spend it, it is the equivalent of those shipyards just gathering dust.

    Just and idea, but I would much prefer cheaper navy’s.

    Transports (defenseless, remember) $4
    Air Craft Carriers $13
    Battleships $18
    Planes $9

    and improved shipyards make them slightly cheaper.

  • And instead of giving the US an extra $10 for having the Philipines and Hawaii, they should start off with $10 extra and lose $10 due to a massive loss of morale when they lose them. A penalty as suppose to a reward. The loss of morale can truly result in a loss of production. That would make it more realistic.

    I am probably going to post this topic in another section. I would like to build more support for this for any future revisions to the rules.

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