Jackson victorious at Port Republic today in 1862

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    Jackson’s 1862 Valley Campaign ended with another victory today at Port Republic, in Rockingham County Virginia. With a smaller force than the Federals he had marched from field to field, thwarting the Northern generals, McDowell, Banks and now Fremont. Lincoln and the Administration were in uproar and feared for the Capital.
    Today, the 9th June 1862, Major General Thomas J Jackson, West Point professional and original leader of the now famous “Stonewall Brigade”(2,4,5, 27 and 33 Va Inf) commanded 7 Brigades of Infantry. All were Virginiians, many recruited from the very region on which they had been fighting, except a large Brigade of very fine Louisianans under Richard Taylor, son of President Zachary Taylor.
    As was usual with Jackson, he attacked the enemy and with his Stonewall Brigade, now commanded by Marylander Charles Winder, opened the battle. Finding things hard going Jackson had to throw in more troops. By day’s end he had pushed the smaller Notlrthern force back enough for their commander, John Fremont , to feel he had been beaten and withdraw.
    As a consequence of this, yesterday’s Cross Keys battle and the campaign as a whole, Jackson was able to rejoin Lee’s large North Virginia army to help push the cautious Northern commander all the way from the gates of Richmond, which looked like falling to his enormous Northern army.

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