• Who do you think has the best National Advantages? Which one is the best for that country?

  • Colonial Garrison for the Brits is top notch. Followed by lend/lease for the Ruskies.

  • i have been playing the revised edition for some time now and russia can never seem to win against germany. any tips anyone?

  • Tigertank:

    Purchase all inf and keep counterattacking the Germans in force, but do not go too far into Germany to put yourself in range of large forces of German tanks. For example, on your first turn, bring in 3 inf from Archangel, 3 inf from Russia, art from Russia, 2 tanks from Russia, ftr from Karelia and ftr from Russia and attack West Russia. You should be able to wipe them out and have a strong force remaining. On noncombat, move 2 inf from Kazakh to Caucasus, land both ftrs in Caucasus, move tank from Archangel to Russia, move 2 inf from Novosibirsk and 2 inf from Eventl National Okrug to Russia, move 1 inf from Buryatia and Soviet Far East to Yakut (leave only 1 inf in each coastal territory - their only worth 1 IPC each and not worth losing a lot of units for). Also move sub to sea zone 6 to blockade the German navy in the Atlantic. With the 8 inf you purchased, put 4 in Caucasus and 4 in Russia. Archangel will be empty, but Germany can’t get to it anyway because you took West Russia. He may take Karelia, but that’s not that big of a deal. UK can invade and take over Norway on it’s first turn, putting those German forces in Karelia between 2 forces. Just beware large stacks of tanks coming out of Germany. Keep using small counterattacks with inf. and the 2 ftrs (try to keep your tanks around as long as possible) which slows down their tanks and prevents concentrated attacks on Moscow or Caucasus. These forces should be just big enough to win and that’s it. Keep your larger forces in reserve for defense or counter attacks. You want to avoid a big showdown of your inf vs. his tanks at all costs because you will be crushed. I was able to stay strong with Russia doing this while simulataneously fighting Germany and Japan.

  • Overall I think UK has the best NA’s. Joint Strike is UK’s best. The top overall NA is lend lease Followed by Superfortress.

  • I have not yet played with the national advantages, but I think that a colonial garrison changes completly the first turn strategy. A colonial garrison in India forces Japan to react by building Two IC on Asia during the first turn. They cannot afford to wait or they will see their presence in land threatened by India and a possible US IC (and the free infantry) from Sinkiang. Do not forget that Russia may “gang up” all its infantry in Buryatia SSR. This may seem ridiculous, but Russia has nothing to lose, they are protected by the Non-agression treaty. Russian Infantry only have to wait for the right moment to attack Manchuria and acquire some IPC.

    This colonial garrison changes the aspect of the first turn, and it really help out UK’s player to have more fun and more power in the game.

    It is clear that UK possess the best national advantages because each of their advantages is really useful. It is obvious that those advantages overcome other nations advantages…

  • Yea, I agree with you. I also like Salvage for Russia. It can come in handy after a German loss.

  • Accuracy wise, ussr is the best, but there the best in all the games! 😉

  • Russia I believe has the most good NA’s.

    I definitely feel that Severe Winter makes Germany stop dead in their tracks. That one turn alone has the ability to turn the tide of the game. I mean, COME ON 😮 , inf defending at a 3? for the entire round? Any vet German player knows he won’t being heading east that turn and that can foil some serous plans for a quick victory over Russia.

  • It does have a pretty powerful effect. So does Enigma Decoded for the Brits.

  • i never did say thanks for the tips wardog42 they did worked for a while but my enemy just didn’t want to follow it.

  • The best thing to do with America’s Superfortresses is to land your bomber in Anglo and then get free bombing raids on Southern Europe.

  • I’m not sure I know what you mean by free bombing raids man? How is it any different than bombing Germany? Just curious.

  • Well, Superfortresses gives U.S. bombers immunity against AA guns. So if you land in Anglo you can sink money for free to Southern Europe or land in England and get it from Germany’s capitol.

  • why hasn’t anyone voted US, hello, superfortreses!!! :lol:

  • But that is just one. Their Chinese Divisions is okay, but I always forget to give them that extra inf.

  • if the americans have superfortreses and hevy bombers, then the krauts can kiss their money good bye! this is definantly either the best or second best advantage.( colonial garison is really sweet for the brits) 😎

  • My friend got heavy bombers and long-range with the Superfortresses. Talk about a force to be reckoned with.

  • Why land it in anglo, when you can land it in GB?
    It would be much safer there! :roll:

  • land what, a bomber?

  • Britian and us have the best NAs no question.

  • they should, they had significant technological advantages at the start of the war.

  • But the germans were the first with rocket technology. they should get something better.

  • US should have gotten an A-Bomb NA. Although it might be too powerful.

  • I agree. The A-bomb would be a fun idea, but it would be too strong and everyone would want to be the U.S.

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