Battle Board for Axis & Allies 1914, Combat rounds,IPC chart, Task Force Cards

  • At this point, I decided I wanted a little note/reminder on every card…so for the Ottoman Empire I figured it would have something about the canals.  Since the Dardanelles & Bosphorus are open by default in the game, I went with the Suez Canal.  Plus, I find that grey spot between Egypt and Trans-Jordan to be misleading.

    *Though…I’m thinking about a House-Rule for controlling the Turkish Straits through Constantinople.  It’s my understanding that they were closed during WWI anyways.


  • I really like that we have to wait until Round 4 for the US to join the war…so I thought Italy could have something similar.  So on our second game we went with a Round 1 Neutrality for them.

    Also…Krieghund was kind enough to correct me on some Sea Combat rules. I thought it went nicely on the Italian card.


  • And finally the United States.  I had a lot of space left over…and wasn’t sure what to do with it.  I realized that the Official FAQ corrected/replaced/clarified entire sentences of the Rulebook.  So, I used the space on the U.S. card to get the official verbiage of US Neutrality from the Rulebook combined with the FAQ.

    Overall…I’m really pleased with the cards and think I’ll get them printed on card stock here real soon.
    I hope you enjoy them – and of course anyone else is welcome to enjoy them as well!



  • Fantastic work! Tanks a lot!

    Comes the neutral-Italy-optional-rule from you or is it something official ?

  • Chacmool,

    Nothing official…just something I found odd (Allied Italy) when I first unboxed/played the game.

    Historically, Italy didn’t join the war until 1915.

    While I understand the need to strike a balance between historical accuracy and a – board game, it just felt weird starting with Allied Italy.  Of course, the argument can be made that Italy goes second to last in the game…so maybe it’s a moot point.

    Then I saw some various discussion of the subject on the boards here…

    …so, I hope you enjoy the cards!  If you go with the neutral first round play…let me know how it works for you!

  • Besides some weird borders and tts (Germany looks disgusting, unhistorical polish coastline, Paris in Normandy, Bulgaria without med-coastline and so on… ) my biggest problem with this game called A&A 1914 was and is Italy as a member of the Entente from the start. It makes them always look like poor victims of Austrian aggression 😛  I hope this game will not be part of a history lesson in the States like its predecessors… Â

    In my house rules Italy is always neutral R1 and the CPs are not allowed to attack Italy before R3 because they stayed a member of the Dreibund until early 1915. (I play one Round= Half a year US entry is R6).

  • This is the oob-board for printing if someone wants to play the game on a larger map:


  • 2022 2021 '20 '19 '18 '17 '16

    And here is another OOB map (we think, but check for yourself) which some might find more aesthetically pleasing:

    My thanks to Imperious Leader for forwarding this link to me.

  • Hi. The links in the first post seems to be invalid. Does anyone have these or similar charts available for download?

  • Send me a pm I can email what I have.

  • Are there any editable maps out there?

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