Rule question: US DOW in income phase Round 3

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    Hey folks, I just need to clarify a rule question.

    The rulebook says about the US political situation:
    “However, if it’s not yet at war by the Collect Income phase of its third turn, the United
    States may declare war on any or all Axis powers at the beginning of that phase. This is an exception to the rules for
    declaring war (see “Declaring War,” page 12), which may normally be done only at the beginning of the Combat Move

    I assume this means that US can declare war before earning IPCs and thus receive the bonus income for objectives when at war?

    Thanks for clarification and best regards!

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    Morning JapanDOWRound1Fan.
    Not sure what you are asking, so please tell me if I have misunderstood.
    US can only DOW before US3 if an axis power has DOW it first. Then it can DOW the other Axis powers.
    It will still only have 52 IPCs to spend when its go starts. When its turn ends, then you add its bonuses to its territories’ income.

    US cannot DOW an Axis nation just to have the at war bonuses.
    Have I helped, or not understood what you are asking?
    Please say.

  • The answer to your question JapanDOW is yes.

  • TripleA

    US can also DOW if Japan went to war with UK / ANZAC.

    Also going to war round 1 is still a good strategy as you can advance on the islands a bit quicker. Also the sub and dd sitting on phil… is 14 ipc, which makes up for the income boost USA will get.

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    It is not just the 2 US ships. you get UK’s only Battleship as well.
    But you must take Hong Kong and the Philippines to deny both UK and US those bonuses.
    Taking an Australian possession is important too, as you do not want them getting 15IPCs instead of 10 end of ANZAC1.

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    Hey guys,

    Thanks for the quick replies!
    @Wittman: I guess you understood my question correctly.
    Assuming Japan did NOT declare war to US in J3.
    Then US cannot declare itself in US3 combat phase.
    However the special rule allows US to declare at US3 income phase.
    The thing is: If this would not trigger the “at war objective bonuses”, this declaration of war would hardly makes sense , wouldn’t it?

    Commando Brado confirmed that US would get the bonuses. So who is wrong? 🙂

    @cow: I tried your DOW1 strategy once - with success but we were all noobies in that game with allies making horrible mistakes 🙂
    I just wanted to confirm what happens IF japan decides for a strategy going to war very late with UK/ANZAC/US.


  • Official Q&A

    Commando Brado gave you the correct answer.  Wittmann’s answer concerned what happens if the US is brought into the war before the Collect Income phase of its third turn, which wasn’t what you were asking.

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    Great, thanks again. Great forum with awesome reaction time to simple questions!

    Keep it up guys!

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