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  • Hello,

    I’m moving to the Palo Alto / Santa Clara area and I need to find new people to play A&A with.  I mostly play the 1940 games, but I’m down for any version from 1st ed. to 1914.  Even play minis.  I understand theres KublaCon, but it’s once a year.

    I have all my own sets.  Look forward to talking A&A.  If you’re a n00b I can teach.


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    Hey Robin,

    There’s a ton of guys here in SF who play A&A, including the founder of this site.  But getting together seems to be hard.  Hit me up when you get into town.  I live in SF.


  • Hey Karl, nice to meet you. 
    I’m already here.  Right now I’m at a hotel in San Jose.  I’m living out of my car until I find a place to rent.  I stopped into a game store in Fremont, but it was all Euro games.  I went to places in Berkeley and Santa Clara but they didn’t have tables. 
    I got nothing going on so far this weekend.  Let me know.  I’d like to find someplace I could setup the board and leave it.


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    Karl is right, It’s tough to get together.  I’m playing pretty much just the Miniature game now but if a date is ever made, I’ll try my best to show up.

  • Hey guys,

    The website for Endgame in Oakland says they host Historical Warhaming every other Sunday at 10am.  I’m gonna prolly check that out.  If you stop by you can check out my awesome A&A '40 set.


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    That place is supposed to be pretty cool.  Variable was telling me about it and sent me some pics of the place.

  • Went there today.  Noone showed up for A&A so I got into a game of Crown Of Roses.  Plenty of game space.  They’re usually about 10-7 so no time for Global '40.  We could always play Europe or Pacific.  I’m planning on being there on the 16th…

  • So is anyone showing up this Sunday?  If you come, lock your car up good.  My window got smashed and my computer stolen last week.

  • Did you find a place to play?
    I’ve been playing TripleA almost exclusively.
    I’m moving to the Bay Area in September, and I’d like to find some people to play with live.

  • I’ve found a few folks, actually.  We’ve only played one game of '42.2 so far.  I know they’ll be playing '14 this Sunday.  Let us know when you get into town.

  • Hi Rob - This is David. I think I met you at Pacificon this weekend. I played Japan on Saturday. Just wanted to touch base. Hopefully this is the right Rob. Cheers. David

  • It is.  Nice job conquering the world, btw.

  • I live in Davis. Does anyone have any games set up in the upcoming weeks?

  • Aaron,

    The only place I really found to play is at Pacificon.  Sign up early, because the spots go quick.

    Also Djensen lives around there.  Jay and him get together sometimes and play in SF.

    I moved to Seattle.  Good luck.


  • Hey, guys, I just moved here from Reno, and I’m now living in Concord.  I would love to try to get a game going.  I mostly play Global 1940 or 50th Anniversary, but I am open to trying other versions.  I like the idea of playing at the game store; I don’t have a good surface for board games at my apt, just a small round dining table.

  • USS Nevada,

    I work in Concord and I play global as well. I have a table that I built but I don’t have it here yet. I just moved here.

    Here is my table

  • Wow, that’s beautiful!  I would love to give it a try sometime.

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    I have 5 from CA on my list (one in SF), not sure where the others are in relation to you. Check it out if you’d like.


  • Founder TripleA Admin

    I thought I had a list of all of the SF Bay Area players. I think there were more than 4 or 5 of us.

    Anyway, mark your calendars. I’m running a tournament on May 24, 25, 26 at Kublacon for Axis & Allies 1942 SE. There will be prizes and a raffle. So far the prize pool consists of 3 copies of Axis & Allies 1914. I’ll have some t-shirts and other fun prizes at the raffle.


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    Very cool!  However, I’ll be in Tahoe with the fam that weekend.  Never been to KublaCon, gotta make it a point ot get there next year.  Enjoy Dave.

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