• First off, I appreciate y’alls help as I master the finer points of this great game, and I apologize if this has been asked, couldn’t find a thread on it.

    So ANZAC has an artillery in Malaya and a transport and sub in the surrounding sea zone. Japan does an amphibious assault with a battleship, cruiser and a transport (no destroyer) with an infantry and artillery. I can choose to fight or submerge the sub, from what I understand in the rule book.
    1. if i submerge the sub can Japan offload and take Malaya (obviously the transport is destroyed in this case)? We played that Japan can do this, they ended up taking Malaya. That sub doesn’t have to be cleared, right?
    2. no support shots from the battleship and cruiser right cause fighting the transport is combat (this is how we played)
    3. the sub is alive and remains in the same sea zone as the Japanese ships and can still conduct convoy disruptions at the collect income phase of the Japanese turn (we played that the sub could).

    Did we err at all? Thanks

  • McX: you were right with all that you did.
    Enjoy the rest of your game.

  • Great thanks!

  • Official Q&A

    There is one other thing.  Since the sea zone is friendly to Japan (no enemy surface warships), Japan has the option to ignore the ANZAC sub and transport entirely.  In such case, no sea combat would occur, the Japanese battleship and cruiser could support the assault with bombardment, and the ANZAC ships would remain in the sea zone.

  • Good to know. Thanks

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