May 19th 1536:Henry rids himself of a wife

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    Today,the 19th May, in 1536 Anne Boleyn was executed for adultery.
    She received the death sentence because her husband was Henry VIII, king of England.
    She was accused of adultery with five men, all were known to her, one was her brother.
    Only one of the men admitted to the deed, all were tortured and beheaded. (An indication, if one was needed, that they were innocent: treason, for which they were accused, was punished by hanging, drawing and quartering.
    Of course,  Anne’s only crime was not to bear the 44 year old king with a son. She had had a daughter, Elizabeth, destined to be one of England’s greatest monarchs, but he wanted a son and had already lined up a new bride. He remarried on the 29th,  a Howard family member, Katherine.
    Mercifully for the Queen who forever changed England’s future with her Protestantism, Henry imported a well known French executioner, who used a sword, severing her head in one blow,  so she did not suffer as some did under a drunken executioner or one bribed to make a mess.

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